Some time ago I had floated the idea of people contributing to World Vision just by giving $1 and how it can change a child's life forever. The idea was that if 1400 people donated $1 (this was on the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club list which at the time had 1400 members) then it would be enough to sponser at least 3 children for a year or 1 child for 3 years.

This was inspired by Lucy's World Vision documentary "Five Days in Bangladesh" where she went to Bangladesh and saw first hand the work that World Vision is doing in that country. It is truly inspirational. From that idea, Donna at the Power of Xena site has set up a donation form to help sponser a child and in less than 24 hours the money was raised to sponser a child.

His name is Juwel. You can help with the sponsorship of Juwel and continue the great work Lucy has done and continues to do. The money donated DOES make a difference.

If you prefer to give directly to World Vision you can do so from the following sites:

World Vision - Australia
World Vision - Canada
World Vision - NZ
World Vision - UK
World Vision - USA



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