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A Friend In Need Books, Cards & Toys Campaign
Helping Hurricane Katrina Survivors One Step At A Time

How Can YOU Help

The following is from Sharon Delaney / Webmaster Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club

Just got off the phone with Lily Duke.  She's so excited about Taipo's plan and how you're all pitching in.  I told her we might be around to help her even past the holidays  <G>

She mentioned for any folks wanting to send toys that the boys are getting short shrift.  Seems everyone sends girl toys, but forgets the young gentlemen!  They're in need of things like sports items -- baseballs, baseball gloves, soccer balls, basketballs and the
other items associated with those sports.  And for the younger boys, Tonka trucks and other small boy toys.

No weapon toys, please.

Many of the school libraries have been destroyed so any books of the type you might find in your local school library would be welcome -- fiction, non-fiction, kids books, young adult.

They also need school supplies -- backpacks, calculators, composition books, spiral notebooks, etc.

You can send the items directly to her at:

Lily Duke
c/o Mardi Gras World
233 Newton St.
New Orleans, LA  70114

She has space to store the items there and people to help her onsite with the sorting.

Please do not send money.

If you'd like to include a note that says this is being done in the name of Xena and/or Lucy, that would be fine :)

Having just come back from the Gulf Coast, the one thing Lucy and I particularly noticed was that every kind word, every gesture, no matter how large or small was appreciated beyond what we could have imagined.  All they want is not to be forgotten.

Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club