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Performs At The Factory Nightclub
"Girl Bar's 15th Anniversary Extravaganza"
11 November 2005

Report by Jackie Larson

I'm just now getting back to work and seeing the messages about Lucy at the Factory.  Just want to add my two dinars. 

After a nice dinner with Cindy T., Marie, Angie, another Cindy and some nice gal who's name I've forgotten, Marie could you remind me? We got in line to see Lucy.  We waited about about 3.5 hours for her to come on stage.  But it was fun watching the sea of "who's yo Mama" shirts dance and have a good time. 

A bunch of us staked our claim right in front of the stage and didn't budge for the night.  When Lucy came out the crowd went wild and Lucy started singing "sisters" and all the Xena fans just howled and cheered.  Lucy extended the microphone so the Xena fans who were all singing along could be heard!!! 

Lucy introduced her next song and she made it her own.  When Lucy went down on her knees in front of Cindy T. I thought I would have to catch her, but to her credit she kept her legs and didn't hit the ground. 

After a quick thank you for coming, which was almost lost in the commotion, and a round of balloons and confetti Lucy was gone. 

I have been reading that some folks are upset at the 6 minutes of performance. Well, 6 minutes is 6 minutes of Lucy, up close and personal no matter how you look at it.  Both the STAGE and the REAF productions were only one song and people came from farther away from me to see her. 

I'm in Chicago.   So we should really know what we are getting into before we go.  There was no false advertising, the show was advertised as 2 or maybe 3 songs.  We were all disappointed that Lucy didn't stop to talk to us, but the crowd was thick and the night was late.  Maybe next time cause I wll be there!!

We are all drawn to travel great distances because of Lucy, but in the end it is the people that make the trip and the time fun. 

I'll keep traveling to see Lucy, but it is my Xena friends that keep me coming back.


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