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Performs At The Factory Nightclub
"Girl Bar's 15th Anniversary Extravaganza"
11 November 2005

Report by Taipo

Okay, all you folks!  It's 2:12 a.m., I'm exhausted, cold, and ready for bed, but I promised…and it was all more than worth it!  Let's start at the beginning and tease a bit, 'cause that's what they did to us. 

First, several of us (including rithebard, Angela (who was nice enough to bring her mom), xenite1974, Jackie, Tammy, and Cindy T, and me) met at the Flavor of India for dinner.  It's a beautiful restaurant with great food, decent prices, and a terrific wait staff.  If you're in town, go there.  After dinner, we made our way over to the club.  We ended up waiting for the doors to open at 9:30 p.m.   We went in to find that the last comedian, ~~~~~ McKnight, was still working the room, and doing it very well indeed.  We only caught the last part of her act, but she had us in stitches. 

Then they switched the room over and the dancing began around 10:00, just in time for us to take turns going out and getting our t-shirts from the folks Sharon sent over.  I personally didn't see Sharon, but someone claims to have seen her at the end of the night.  Well, we missed you, Sharon, but the tees are great!  The logo isn't overly large, though you might think so from the picture Lucy was drawing in that photograph.  And for those of you who are wanting the Lucy connection, right under the last "a" in Mama are the small letters LLFC.  They're small, but they're there. 

The tees not only look great, they feel really good to wear- not like some of those
stiff cotton things you get these days.  Kudos, Lucy and the T-Shirt Team!

It didn't take long for those t-shirts to pop up everywhere, and nearly everyone had chosen black, which helped us find each other. Fortunately, Jackie had given us dinner folks notepads with a Xena theme, so I used mine to take the names of folks I met, for this report.  (Yep, Angela, I've still got your pen.  Heh heh heh.)  We met powerofxena, who was there dancing up a storm; AmazonWarrior_64; Sissy B and Mother Goose, Donna, Dianne, Janiselayne, bullsgrrl, and several other people whose names I didn't get because of the loud music.  In fact, at one point, I was writing messages to people and realized that here I was, about to hear Lucy sing, and I was still "posting" messages!! 

The music was great, and most of us were shakin' our booties with wild abandon.  Angela really worked it, and I think she's thinking of taking up dancing as an aerobic workout. 

As time went on, the crowd kept pushing toward the stage in anticipation.  Those of us from the dinner group had worked out our strategy, and we stuck to it.  We got right up front and just stayed put.  Consequently, we had the best spot in the house.  It was nearly 12:20 a.m. when they introduced Lucy.  There had been some
conflicting information about whether or not the management would let us videotape, but in the end, many people got great photos and video footage. 

They've promised to post it somewhere, somehow, and I'm sure they'll let you know when they do. Finally, finally, there was Lucy.  She bounced onto the stage with her long blonde hair straight and loose; gold glitter around her eyes; a sleeveless, black, spangly top; tight, low-rise blue jeans, held by a belt with a huge butterfly-shaped buckle, and wearing knee-high lace-up leather platform boots. 

She was amazingly sexy, and generous about sharing that with us.  She sang "Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves" from Lyre, Lyre.  She changed the lyrics at one point, letting us know that "our next president is gonna be a woman!"  When it was over, and we'd finished cheering, she gave us a little Paris Hilton imitation: 
 "That was so hot," complete with a little pose. 

Her second song was one she wrote herself.  She didn't announce the title, but she did tell us the inspiration.  She said it was a "nasty rock ballad about the casting couch, and all the pricks who tell you they're gonna make you a star…"  I can't remember all the lyrics, and you'll hear it when you see the video clips.  I can tell
you the refrain was "down on my knees," and Lucy really sang her heart out.  She ended up, literally, down on her knees at the front of the stage, belting it out.  It's a good song, not just because Lucy wrote it, but because the lyrics are fresh, and original. 

They're not just one or two catchy phrases repeated over and over.  And you knew, when you heard her sing, that it was something she knew about, and wanted to make a comment on with this song. I guess that's what the night was about for me.  This is the first time, really, that Lucy got to decide, artistically, what she would say for us to hear. 

The writer of the evening was Lucy, and she really put herself out there.  There was no script, no moderator to ask the questions, no camera or director between her and the crowd. 

She did this because she wanted to, not for fame, glory, money, as far as I can see.  She wanted to grow as an artist, and she had her fans be a part of that, because she wants to give something back to us.  She doesn't have to, she just does.  There's a mutual respect there, between Lucy and us, that has nothing to do with her celebrity and everything to do with the way she puts herself, all of herself, out there for us when she performs. 

She's not magic, she's not a god, she's just another person with real talent who shares that to the utmost whenever she can. 

Okay, enough philosophy.  After that song, Lucy left the stage, and balloons and confetti rained down on us.  We got the word later that she had left in a limo right away, which was okay.  It was very late, and she'd given us a great performance. 

There were probably a lot of little moments that I missed, but these are the highlights.  The rest you'll get from other people and from photos and clips. 
From me you'll only get "Good night!"


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