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Lucy Lawless Sings
Unexpected Dreams: Songs From The Stars

News about this Album

27 January 2006
Lucy Lawless In the Sky With Diamonds? about Xena rocking you off to warrior dreamland, or a song from
Seinfeld's Elaine, not that there is anything wrong with that, or Jake
helping you in your progress toward slumberla...

OK, enough with the cutesy puns.

Rhino Records, the king of the comilation CD's, is releasing its latest
and greatest March 28 (the day before my birthday, though that may just
be a coincidence).

Described by someone who has heard it as "lullabies for adults"--so I
will leave to your imagination at just what point in the night's
activities you would pop it into the player--"Unexpected Dreams"
contains 14 tracks from TV and movie stars testing their pipes to what I
am told are some pretty pleasing results.

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher sings Lennon/McCartney tune
Goodnight, while Jake in Progress' John Stamos tackles Billy Joel's
Goodnight My Angel. Ex-Xena Lucy Lawless and Alias' Jennifer Garner also
warble for the benefit of the audience, as well as Los Angeles
Philharmonic education programs, which get part of the proceeds (the
orchestra backs the singers on the disc.

Another William Shatner "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"? camp classic.
You know, that star trak from Rhino's Golden Throats series of stars
butchering, or at least wounding, popular songs?

Not according to one insider--OK, an insider publicist--who described
the opening track--by Scarlett Johansson as "stunning." And the others?
"Not a throw-away in the bunch." That is certainly the case with Ewan
McGregor, the patron saint of singing actors since Moulin Rouge.

Jeremy Irons (Brideshead Revisited on PBS, as well as all those
theatrical movies) does a darkish, talk-through (think Rex Harrison if
you can think back that far) version of Dylan's To Make You Feel My
Love," another reason it may not be for the kiddies.


The following article appeared in USA Today


Stars bid you good night with a lullaby

Scarlett Johansson, Ewan McGregor and Eric McCormack won't mind if you call their newest project a snooze. They're among 14 TV and movie stars lending voices to Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars, a CD of adult-aimed lullabies.

Due March 7 on Rhino, the disc features the crooning of screen stars, accompanied by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Johansson warbles Summertime, McGregor sings Sade's The Sweetest Gift, McCormack does Elton John's The Greatest Discovery.

Others contributing include Nia Vardalos, John Stamos, Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Lucy Lawless, John C. Reilly and Teri Hatcher. Proceeds will benefit Music Matters, the Philharmonic's fund for music education.







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