Lucy Lawless
At  Gay Pride 2005 Festival
11 June 2005

Lucy's song:
"Come To Me" by France Joli

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Report by Anne Pizotes
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Saturday night, Pride 2005 and Deborah Harry had just rocked the house. Takes a lot of chutzpah to follow Deborah Harry and that’s no lie. We didn’t have to wait too long for emcee Julie Brown to introduce Lucy, which provoked a roar of expectation from the crowd, as the beginning notes of the France Joli hit “Come to Me” reverberated through the night air. Unfortunately, as soon as the beat of the music started it was accompanied by a static-y buzz from the sound system which would plague the entire song. As three male dancers went through their moves we could hear Lucy singing alluringly offstage, “come to me, come to me” over the pre-taped music. She soon sauntered sensually onstage in total diva mode but when she started singing her microphone was off so we couldn’t hear her voice. A stagehand ran onstage and adjusted the wireless microphone pack on her back, ran off and there was still no sound, though Lucy was gamely carrying on with the lyrics. The stagehand ran back on, adjusted again and finally we could hear Lucy, albeit amidst the continuous buzz and occasional squeal of feedback.

She looked smashing in an oh, so short dress that clung to her luscious body like nobody’s business and sported a long curly blonde wig and gold glittery eye shadow that looked fabulously glam. What with the way she was bustin’ some seriously sexy moves on us and finally being able to hear her sing, the excitement level shot up to the night sky and many a woman’s lusty scream was heard throughout the song.

After the first verse Lucy gave us a gift in the form of a beautiful message that went like this: “Babies, I love you and I’ve waited ten years since Xena Warrior Princess to say that if you hadn’t come to me then I just wouldn’t be here, so I love you.” I remember that when I heard it live I couldn’t really make out most of what she was saying, as the sound was so lousy, so the impact of what she was trying to convey to us that night was lost on me, as I’m sure it was lost on most of the audience, but upon viewing the video I’ve been deeply touched by this message of love and gratitude that she was sending to her lesbian and gay fans.

One of the male dancers then joined her for a sexy duet but his handheld mic wasn’t any better—non-existent at first and full of buzz and feedback when he was eventually, barely heard. I must say, that if that guy who sang with her had been a gal there would undoubtedly have been a spontaneous collective orgasm from all the lesbians in the crowd as I’ve never seen Lucy dance with such eroticism—it was intensely HOT, HOT, HOT there’s no other way to describe it. That woman definitely knows how to shake her groove thang.

Throughout the song Lucy repeatedly sent us her message when she pointed to the audience as she sang, “I love you and I thank you” (the latter not part of the original lyric). For the finale the dancers boogied around her then she dismissed each one and struck a pose and our voices rose in adulation for this gutsy woman who somehow managed to pull this song off despite the initial glitches and the sound operators absolute ineptitude.

That night I came away from her performance on an electric Lucy high, but tonight I’m moved more profoundly as I listen to her say those heartfelt words. I hope she realizes that she’s got a bunch of fans for life; through locusts, boogeymen and bad sound we’ll follow her and support her, because she handles our sometimes boorish fandom with grace and humor, because she’s talented and she’s beautiful, but more importantly she’s a good, true friend, a generous soul who gives us more and more reasons through the years to love everything Lucy.