Lucy Lawless in the movie The End of the Golden Weather

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 The End Of The Golden Weather [1991]

Movie Details

Director: Ian Mune
Format: Color, NTSC
Rated: NR
Studio: Ghadar & Assoc
Video Release Date: May 11, 1999
VHS Features: NTSC format (US and Canada only. This VHS will probably NOT be viewable in other countries. Read more about VHS formats.)
Color, NTSC
ASIN: 1577421833

Movie Synopsis
On a 1930s beach, 12-year-old Geoff dreams of romantic adventures. But when he meets Firpo, he discovers the difference between fantasy and reality.  Geoff Crome believes in miracles. He sees them every day on the beach where he lives in this last perfect summer of his childhood.

Despite his father's warnings, Geoff becomes friends with Firpo - a strange, skinny, magical character with a burning ambition to win the Olympic Games. When Firpo accepts an impossible challenge to run a race on the beach, Geoff tries everything to help him win - body building, weights, diet, even prayer. But Firpo scorns them all, convinced he will win with a miracle all his own. Geoff so much wants to believe in Firpo's miracle that he sets himself against his whole world - his family, his community and finally, against the innocent dreams of his childhood.

DOP: Alun Bollinger
Editor: Mike Horton
Composer: Stephen McCurdy
Executive producer: Don Reynolds


Geoff Crome: Stephen Fulford
Firpo: Stephen Papps
Dad: Paul Gittins
Mum: Gabrielle Hammond
Ted: David Albert Taylor
Molly: Alexandra Marshall
Reverend Thirle: Ray Henwood
Jesse Cabot: Steve McDowell
Mrs Atkinson: Alice Fraser
Mr Atkinson: Bill Johnson
Sergeant Robinson: Alistair Douglas
Uncle Jim: Greg Johnson
Auntie Kass: Alison Bruce
Miss Effie: Francie Gray
Miss Sybil: Andrea Kelland
Joe Dyer: Andrew Binns
Bob Ferguson: Ross McKellar
Joe’s Girl: Lucy Lawless
Bob’s Girl: Kate Miles
Mr Irons: Francis Bell
Greta: Tricia Phillips
Robin Hood: Alistair Browning
Butcher: David Telford
Schoolboy: Christian Teutenberg
Concert Guests: Shirley Duke, Robert Horwood, Georgina Monro, Timothy Raby, Melissa Copp, Henry Dewey, David Fitchew, Christine McLay, Nicholas Pegg, Blessing Ross, Dorothy Tomlinson, Lucy White
Leila Ford: Organist
Herne The Hunter: Peter Stevens
Muscular Firpo: Angus Cooper
Geoff Ross: Drowning Man
Robert Harvey: Life Saving Instructor
Lifesavers: Robert Hammond, Steve Westlake, Paul Thompson, Fraser Harvey, Rupert Harvey



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