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and daughter Daisy Lawless
Interview - Queer Edge Show

Original airdate: 29 May 2006
(Interview conducted in December 2005)

Lucy talks to Jack E. Jett on the Queer Edge Show and is also joined by
her daughter Daisy in her first interview

Video Clips converted by Roger
Screencaptures by MaryD

Video Clips

Please note: The video clips are courtesy of the Queer Edge Show and Jack E. Jett. Posted here with permission. Please visit Queer Edge on You Tube for more interviews

  The video files are zipped. Please unzip them before playing them.
  Lucy Interview Only
  mov format
Clip #1 - 14.8 mb

wmv format
Clip #1 - 22.1 mb
  Lucy & Daisy together
  mov format
Clip #2 - 15.2 mb

wmv format
Clip #2 - 23 mb


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