Lucy Lawless Movie
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Role: Madam Vandersexx
Owner of Amsterdam Brothel, Club Vandersexx

123 Screencaptures from the Eurotrip - Uncut DVD
by Weebod.

I have to add a disclaimer here:  In some of the grabs there is partial nudity (breasts are shown...and if you are easily offended please do not view the grabs) NOT by Lucy Lawless but by the actress' playing Madam Vandersexx's girls. Please be aware of this.

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More Screencaptures from the Uncut DVD Version
by Judi Marr

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28 Screencaptures from the Eurotrip - Uncut DVD Blooper/Gag Reel by Weebod


Lucy Lawless talks to The Inside Reel about shooting in Prague, beautiful models, slapping around her co-stars and her good girl intentions in regards to her new film, Eurotrip
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Lucy interview on Extra - 22 February 2004
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Behind The Scenes Images of Lucy from the Ryan Seacrest show
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On Air With Ryan Seacrest - 20 February 2004




Jimmy Kimmel Show - 13 February 2004


Lucy Interview on Official Eurotrip Web site
87 screengrabs
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Entertainment Tonight - 29 December 2003

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Movie Trailer - Screengrabs - December 2003
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