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Lucy Lawless is Wonder Woman
Justice League: New Frontier Animated Movie

Review by Annie

The movie has what my friend calls a stylized type of animation, - all square jaws, not a huge amount of minute detail. I know the comics the film is based on is drawn in that style but I personally don't care for it. That said, it was great to hear and see Lucy drawn as Wonder Woman - what a perfect combination! I know she said she used her 'Xena voice' for the Dragonlance animated film, which she uses here too. Lucy's comments in interviews about this being a darker version of Wonder Woman is seen right from her opening scene when she has freed a group of female refuges and Superman challenges her on her methods - right away, you can see this is a slightly morally ambiguous Wonder Woman that is somewhat jaded by her past experiences.
I don't know any of the backstory of the comics or what happened in past Justice League films, so some of the story probably went over my head, but you can tell that Superman and Wonder Woman have a past together. Good tension in that opening scene - you can sense it in the air, even in an animated film. :) 
The film takes place in the 1950s at the end of the Korean war and describes the rise of a test pilot, Hal Jordan and how he eventually takes on the mantle of the Green Lantern. The Martian Manhunter also has a substanial part as he comes to Earth and works with Batman to uncover a mysterious force known as The Centre that is bent on destroying humanity. Other Justice League heroes such as Flash, Aquaman, Green Arrow and Robin also make some cameos.
Lucy's involvement as Wonder Woman is basically a ten to fifteen minute appearance in the film, which was a little disappointing. I think if you don't know much about the Justice League characters or storyline, this film can be a bit hard to follow as it was in my case. My main critique of the script was that it took too long for all these various story threads to come together. However, there is a scene on Paradise Island where Wonder Woman is sparring with another amazon - I had to laugh since the other amazon was a smaller blonde, which reminds me of a certain sidekick! Wonder Woman in her the Invisible Jet also makes a brief appearance. Not to give any major spoilers away but the film had me in doubt as to Wonder Woman's fate at the end - but there's a climatic battle with all the Justice League heroes at the end against The Centre, and do they triumph or not? Watch and see. 
Later fellow Xenites!