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AUSXIP Lucy Lawless is a fan run website which endeavours to chronicle Lucy Lawless's career. It's a comprehensive site with mini subsites dedicated to each show Lucy has appeared in. The site is a non profit web site and endeavours to raise awareness of Lucy Lawless and also the charities she supports. AUSXIP Lucy Lawless is the sister site to the Australian Xena Information Page (AUSXIP) located at

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless does not and will not post material that is considered private ie Lucy's children or her family life. This site will not contain images from Lucy's accidental wardrobe malfunction.

Usage of video from various media sources is gratefully acknowledged and copyright remains with the respective owners / movie studios / tv stations etc. Magazine and newspaper articles / scans  have been reproduced for archival purposes and copyright remains with the respective owners. The reproduction of these articles is made without any purpose of commercial advantage.

The design and content of AUSXIP Lucy Lawless is copyrighted to me (MaryD). All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce, duplicate or distrubute any of these materials without consent. Not that I would give my consent to having my site reproduced.


The following has been written to help you if you are a webmaster and would like to download content from AUSXIP (The Australian Xena Information Page) AUSXIP Lucy Lawless and AUSXIP Renee O'Connor for  use on your site. 

This does not apply if you want to download them to your own computer for private use.

If you are creating a new Xena/Lucy site, you have to remember that your site has to be your own creation - it shouldn't be a ripoff of another site. You may look at this site for inspiration (nothing wrong in that - we all have to start some place) but you also have to remember you have to offer visitors something that isn't on any other sites. Whilst this is difficult in the Xenaverse/Lucyverse since it's been around for 10 years, it can be done.

You will need to remember that creating a site doesn't stop with the design; you need to put time and effort into it. AUSXIP and other sites in this fandom have spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours in designing and creating the content. Hours of scanning articles, pictures, creating video clips, music videos, gathering news and creating screencaptures. This is done for free; both by the webmaster and the contributors. Naturally you may feel that if you live in another country other than the US that you don't have access to material. Whilst this may be true, you still have access to to purchase magazines/pictures etc that you scan. I know several (if not all) Xenaverse webmasters have spent a small fortune in obtaining magazines/pictures like that (myself included). If you want to have images/articles on your site and you don't have the funds to purchase them, you can request from the webmaster if you can post the item on your site. Giving a link back to the original site is good net ettiquette and it will make life easier for you and for the webmaster. Regular contributors to this site and others in the Xenaverse have also spent a considerable amount of time, money and effort. Please do not abuse the webmaster or the contributors generosity.

If you post images from AUSXIP Lucy Lawless, please credit AUSXIP Lucy Lawless and not just AUSXIP. There are three major sites located on this server: AUSXIP (the main site and for Xena related items), AUSXIP Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless related items) and AUSXIP Renee O'Connor (Renee O'Connor Items).

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless -
AUSXIP Renee O'Connor -

Please do not credit with "MaryD" - it does not give me a cheap thrill to see my name in lights. I prefer a link back to the site and the name of the site. Sticking the credit on your affiliates/links page is not acceptable nor is it putting a link on some obscure page. If you are going to use the image then place the credit at the bottom of the page. Not hard and quite easy to manage. If I have credited a contributor for the images/articles/etc, please do the same on the page where the image appears as well the link back to the site.

This site will ALWAYS credit the source of the article/image/contribution. Just imagine that you have worked hard on your site designing banners and images and then I come over and steal the content. YOU won't like it very much and believe me it's quite a frustrating experience. Hotlinking images/video clips off all the three sites is not allowed.

Please remember, if in doubt about anything I've written above, please contact me and we can discuss it.

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  • Please do NOT take artwork created by various artists or myself and post them on other websites. Please link to the page to send people to see them.  DO NOT SELL THEM ON EBAY

Convention Photos

  • Please do NOT take convention photos and post them on other websites. Please link to the page to send people to see them. DO NOT SELL THEM ON EBAY

Exclusive Content

  • Please do NOT take any exclusive items and repost to any other website. Please link to the page to send people to see them.  DO NOT SELL THEM ON EBAY

Images / Promotional Scans / High Resolution Scans

  • Please do NOT take any images, promotional scans or high resolution scans. Please do not remove the tags which display the URL of the site.

Screen captures for use in fan art

  • If you wish to use the screen captures for icons, wallpapers, then go ahead, and do so 6-9 screen captures the most please If you post fan art you made with these somewhere, please credit AUSXIP Lucy Lawless.

Screen captures for use in journals, blogs, forums -

  • 6-9 screen captures the most please. Do NOT remove the URL to  AUSXIP LUCY LAWLESS caption from the bottom or anywhere it appears on the images. Please do not claim or imply you made these. DO NOT SELL THEM ON EBAY
  • If you wish to use 6-9 screen captures in journals, blogs, forums, then please save them to your photobucket or similar accounts. If you post your work somewhere, please credit AUSXIP (for Xena related images), AUSXIP Lucy Lawless (for Lucy related images) and AUSXIP Renee O'Connor (for Renee related images)
  • Before taking anything to repost them elsewhere, please contact us. We will most likely say yes, but we need to know where our pictures go. Would hate to have to go and watermark each and every image just because some webmasters don't respect others' work and don't give credit and a link back. Please be nice.

Videos and Music Videos

  • Please do NOT take videos and post them on other websites. Please link to the page to send people to see them. DO NOT SELL THEM ON EBAY



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