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In a time of ancient gods, warlords, and kings,
A land in turmoil cried out for a hero. She was Xena,
a mighty princess, forged in the heat of battle.
The power... the passion... the danger...
Her courage will change the world...



The Powers That Be were looking to cast an actress for a trilogy of episodes on Hercules. Due to sickness, the original actress cast as Xena Warrior Princess was unable to fly to New Zealand. The producers tried to contact other actors to fill the role but it wasn't meant to be.

Early 1995 a young actress starred in several Hercules The Legendary Journeys episodes in various roles. She also appeared in the Hercules telemovie "Hercules and the Lost Amazons." They turned to this young actress.

Her name...Lucille Frances Lawless.

They dyed her hair black from it's mousy blonde, gave her a tan, put a sword in her hand, gave her a mighty war cry and with those piercing blue eyes, a new hero was born. A hero like no other - an action hero who was a woman, who travelled the countryside making amends for her bloodthirsty past.

Xena - the reformed murderer, pirate and all round bad girl was a changed woman after meeting up with Hercules in the trilogy "Warrior Princess", "The Gauntlet" and "Unchained Heart".

Now working for the Greater Good, Xena sets out to make amends and in a clearing outside Potadeia, she meets the spunky Gabrielle who unbeknownst to Xena at the time, will follow her to Tartarus and back (several times).

This is Lucy Lawless' greatest role and one that has influenced thousands of people and sent Lucy Lawless, the actress, into the stratosphere.


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