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June 2021 Archives

30 June 2021

Video Blog by Lucy Thanking Fans for Helping Dayna

Lucy posted the following message on her twitter account





28 June 2021

Xena Family in Need - Message From Rob Tapert about Dayna Grant!

One of our Xena family is in Need....This is a shocker! Rob sent a message about Dayna Grant @Daynastunts (#Xena, #WW1984 #AshVsEvilDead etc) Stunt co-ordinator has been diagnosed with an unruptured brain aneurysm - If you can help, please go here - Rob's message is below.

From Rob:

Danya Grant who started as our assistant stunt coordinator on Evil Dead Rise has been diagnosed with an unruptured brain aneurysm. She has taken some bad knocks over the years. She recently took one on the Amazon show and another a few years back on ASH. She survived a facial impaling on Legend of the Seeker. She has worked with me on pretty much everything I have done in NZ going back to XENA. Now she faces a real challenge.

We are doing what we can to raise funds so she can get surgery in 3 weeks times. She has a wide net of friends in the business but 10 or 20 dollars will help. If appropriate please pass this on to your crew or friends.

Thanks in advance for your generosity,

Rob Tapert

Dayna in Xena


Dayna in Ash Vs Evil Dead



Dayna in Wonder Woman 1984




22 June 2021

Message from Adrienne Wilkinson and Announcement about Xena Loot-A-Palooza

Message from Adrienne Wilkinson and Announcement about Xena Loot-A-Palooza

We couldn’t get together this year for a charity dinner, or a live raffle event, or a convention, or or or.... so, I’ve been compelled to create a new event that we can all rally around and have a #GreatTimeForAGreatCause.

I've put together our biggest event ever.... a giant raffle we are calling LOOT-A-PALOOZA - all to be done remotely so everyone worldwide can participate. This raffle is specifically for Xenites, as it is a collection of ALL THINGS XENA. More than 50 items that I have gathered over the years - trading cards, magazines, production stills, collectables, memorabilia, signed items, autographed photos, one-of-a-kind items and very special items including 2 framed, limited edition photos signed by Lucy & Renee, and all of it can be yours for the price of a ticket!





  • 222 tickets are available.
  • Tickets are $100 each.
  • No limit on number of tickets you can purchase.
  • You can purchase tickets as gifts. Just let us know what name to list the entry under.
  • Tickets will be sold through August 22nd (unless they sell out sooner).
  • Raffle will be held online on August 23rd (or earlier if the tickets sell out prior to August 22nd).

One winner will win all the loot!!!! The items will be shipped immediately to the winner (and yes, it can be shipped anywhere in the world).

A couple of the items have previously sold for thousands of dollars on their own, and now all 50+ items could be yours for a raffle ticket! Use the items for your own collection, share them among your Xenite friends, donate them to charity events or as fundraisers for other projects.

I'm giving first chance at tickets to those of you who have participated in previous event. Tickets sales will open to everyone on June 22nd.


If you want to participate without buying tickets, you can find the donate button on the same page where you can donate any amount.

Thank you for helping to spread the word. This is truly an event for Xenites, so the more Xenites I can reach, the more will have a chance to join us for a chance at this wonderful collection. And as always, the funds we raise support families in need - this year to those suffering with food-insecurity and medical expenses.

As always thank you for your generosity, your beautiful spirits and your willingness to join as a community to support others while also having a wonderful time together. I appreciate you all so much!









7 June 2021

That Time Xena Was Directed by Anson Williams From Happy Days - Den of Geek


Here's an interesting article from Den of Geek about one of my favourite episode "Remember Nothing" - Season 2, Episode 2 - and my montage of the episode can be found here - those were the days when 500 x 500 pixels were normal...ah memories! Not like today...what we could have done with with high res images...bring on a Xena reboot so we can find out!

That Time Xena Was Directed by Potsie From Happy Days

Xena saw happier days, but was drawn back to the ways of the Warrior Princess in “Remember Nothing.”

In a time of ancient gods, warlords, and kings, a land in turmoil cried out for a hero. But they got a Potsie. Hello sunshine, goodbye rain. Xena: The Warrior Princess, in its second season, was already at the forefront of progressive heroics, and its star Lucy Lawless embodied the power of the feminine mystique. Xena was forged in the heat of battle, with the power, passion, and courage to change the world. And she had many gifts. Anson Williams, who originated the role of Warren “Potsie” Weber on the network TV hit Happy Days, helped wrap a pivotal episode, “Remember Nothing.”

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5 June 2021

Mosley on SBS on Demand 11 and 12 June 2021

Aussies: The animated feature Mosley is back on SBS on Demand on June 11 and repeats on June 12.

Mosley is a 2019 computer-animated film produced by New Zealand animation company Huhu Studios. It was written and directed by Kirby Atkins who stars in the title role along with his young daughter Leah, playing the character of Rue. The film also stars Lucy Lawless, John Rhys-Davies, Temuera Morrison and Rhys Darby.

Lucy Lawless as Bera, Mosley's partner and Rue's protective mother.


Image637584904543182634In ancient times, the thoriphants were a tall bipedal species who migrated north in response to human encroachment. Those that stayed behind were enslaved by humanity, who used them as beasts of burden. Gradually, their backs became bent and they lost the use of their hands. Some thoriphants believe that their cousins known as the Uprights will return to free them one day.

A young thoriphant named Mosley is auctioned off and sold to a farmer named Simon, who uses him to plough his fields. Twenty five years later, Mosley and his mate Bera have produced a son named Rue. Mosley and his family are also acquainted with Turpin, who serves as a beast of burden to traveling salesman Bemus and his associates Shank and Ollie. Later, Bemus tries to swindle Simon into purchasing a nearby rocky field. Simon agrees to sell Rue after Bera has given birth to her child, much to the dismay of Mosley and Bera.

Later that night Rue, guided by several fireflies, leads Mosley to a cave lined with drawings showing Upright Thoriphants. A dispirited Mosley dismisses them as fairy tales. Mosley and Bera later overhear Simon agreeing to sell Rue to Bemus following the birth of her second child. To save their son, Bera convinces Mosley to escape the following day and return to the caves in order to seek clues on how to find the "Uprights."

Despite being pursued by Simon, Bemus, Shank and Ollie, Mosley manages to escape into the forest. In response, Bemus convinces Simon to hire the services of the ruthless, tattooed bounty hunter Warfield to bring back Mosley alive. Inside the cave, Mosley stumbles into a sinkhole trap planted by Warfield. However, he manages to escape when Shank and Ollie interfere. Following a pursuit, Mosley manages to hide behind a waterfall with the help of several fireflies.

Behind the waterfall, Mosley encounters three "Upright" travelers named Warnie, Deaver, and the elderly Gailin and realizes that the legends of the Uprights were real. Warnie and his companions agree to bring Mosley back to their city Kineserath, under the pretense that the Uprights are a species of great warriors. During their travels, Mosley and the Uprights learns more about his people's history. They also have several adventures including avoiding death at the cursed "Great Orchard" and escaping Warfield with the help of the fireflies, who can communicate with Mosley and Gailin. Warnie realizes that the fireflies are not ordinary creatures but something mystical.

Back at Simon's farm, Rue tries to fill his father's shoes by looking after his heavily pregnant mother. Turpin encourages Rue with stories about the Upright and also teaches him to fetch a bucket. However, Semus sells Turpin, devastating Rue. When Bera enters into labour, she convinces Rue to seek Simon's help. Simon helps Bera to deliver her daughter Rosie.

Meanwhile, Mosley and the Upright reach Kineserath only to discover that the Upright are a dying species, who have not produced any children for a hundred years. Warnie reveals that the Upright are affected by the curse of the devolution, which he fears will cause them to regress into a non-sentient state. Warfield catches up with them, laying siege to Kineserath and killing Gailin with an arrow. To save their people, Queen Agaba convinces Mosley to venture into the cursed Orchard in order to find the Living Tree and eat of its fruit in order to reverse the curse.

With help of the thoriphants, Mosley lures Warfield into the Orchard. He attempts to reach the Living Tree but is mortally wounded by Warfield's arrows. Before Warfield can kill him, the mystical fireflies form a mystical bright being known as the Guardian, who drives Warfield away and heals Mosley. Mosley returns to the Upright with several of the Living Tree's fruits, which he eats and becomes an Upright.

The Upright Mosley returns to Simon's farm where he stops Simon from selling Rue to Bemus. Following a confrontation, he frees his family from servitude. Mosley also gives Bera, Rue, and Rosie fruits from the Living Tree, causing them to become Upright. Together, the family leave Simon's farm to start a new life in Kineserath.

Source: Wikipedia