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29 July 2021

Acorn TV Press Release: Lucy Lawless Returns in Hit Drama “My Life is Murder” Season 2 + Trailer


Acorn TV Press Release


Lucy Lawless Returns in Hit Drama August 30

Starring award-winning actress Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess, Spartacus), the Acorn TV Original series My Life is Murder returns on August 30 for its highly-anticipated second season with new riveting mysteries, now set in beautiful New Zealand. The season two trailer, released today, brings retired detective Alexa Crowe (Lawless) back to her Kiwi roots, where she's once again unable to resist when asked to look into a bizarre unsolved murder. Joined again by her partner-in-crime-solving, Madison Feliciano (Ebony Vagulans) as well as series newcomers, the charismatic detective Harry, Rawiri Jobe (The Brokenwood Mysteries), and café owner Reuben, Joe Naufahu (Game of Thrones), she quickly finds herself investigating other murder mysteries in surprising, glamorous worlds filled with intriguing characters who are hiding dangerous and deadly secrets. The new season will premiere on AMC Networks' acclaimed streamer Acorn TV on Monday, August 30 with two new episodes, continuing weekly on Mondays.

This season of My Life is Murder will reunite Lawless with several former castmates from iconic series, including Anna Hutchison (Spartacus), Graham Vincent (Spartacus), Jay Ryan (Beauty and The Beast, It Chapter Two, Mary Kills People) and Bruce Hopkins (Lord of the Rings, Xena: Warrior Princess), as well as an array of acclaimed actors in guest star roles including William Shatner (Star Trek, Haven), Martin Henderson (Grey's Anatomy, The Gloaming), Bill Bailey (Black Books, Ralph Spaced), Michelle Ang (Fear The Walking Dead, Triple 9), Sara Wiseman (A Place to Call Home, Rake), Matt Whelan (Narcos: Mexico, The Sounds), popular drag performers Kita Mean (RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under), Amanduh La Whore and many more.

Series executive producers are Rachel Antony, Claire Tonkin, Tim Pye, Lucy Lawless, Nicky Davies Williams, Pilar Perez and Don Klees. Producer is Mark Beesley. A Greenstone TV Production for TVNZ and Acorn TV and DCD Rights Ltd., in association with Network 10.

About Acorn TV

Called a "glorious streaming service... an essential must-have" (The Hollywood Reporter) and "Netflix for the Anglophile" (NPR), AMC Networks' Acorn TV is North America's largest streaming service specializing in British and international television. Acorn TV adds exclusive new programs every week with a deep library of mysteries, dramas, and comedies with no commercials. In 2021, Acorn TV will feature several commissioned original series including the second season of Miss Fisher spinoff Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries, British crime drama Whitstable Pearl, Kiwi romantic comedy Under the Vines and British detective drama Dalgliesh starring Bertie Carvel, as well as Irish crime thriller Bloodlands starring James Nesbitt and co-executive produced by Jed Mercurio, the return of New Zealand detective series My Life Is Murder starring Lucy Lawless, popular Canadian period drama Murdoch Mysteries, and a growing catalog of popular bingeable dramas that include A Place to Call Home, Detectorists, Jack Irish and Foyle's War. Recent Acorn TV Original series include Deadwater Fell starring David Tennant, highly-rated BBC One drama The Nest; and groundbreaking BBC One period drama A Suitable Boy from Mira Nair. Acorn TV offers a free 7-day trial and thereafter is just $5.99/month or $59.99/year. Facebook: OfficialAcornTV - Twitter: @AcornTV - Instagram: @Acorn_tv


For more information about Lucy's role as Alexa Crowe go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless My Life is Murder subsite.



29 July 2021

Xena: The Warrior Princess joins the ReAction Figures World


Here's something cool 20 years after the show ended!

Buy Xena - $18

Buy Gabrielle - $18

Mixing fantasy and historical elements into a story of redemption featuring strong female lead characters, Xena: Warrior Princess vaulted from a mere syndicated TV drama to a global cultural phenomenon. The series has become as much of a legend as Xena herself, and now you have a chance to own a piece of that epic saga.

Super7 celebrates the ground-breaking mythic tale with new ReAction figures of Xena and Gabrielle!





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29 July 2021

Collider: My Life is Murder - Who knew such a tiny island could have so much crime?

Article from Collider 28 July 2021

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My Life Is Murder, Acorn TV’s murder mystery series starring Xena, Warrior Princess herself, Lucy Lawless, is returning for a second season, and Collider is exclusively debuting the season’s first trailer. Produced by TVNZ and Network 10 in conjunction with Acorn TV, the series will stream exclusively on the AMC Networks platform on August 30.

The second season of My Life Is Murder moves shop from Australia to Auckland, New Zealand, and in the tradition of every good murder mystery, the trailer sees Lawless’s Alexa Crowe unable to help herself when asked to look into a strange, unsolved murder. Reunited with her crime-solving partner and friend Madison (Ebony Vagulans), as well as meeting charismatic detective Harry (Rawiri Jobe) and cafe owner Reuben (Joe Naufahu), Alexa returns to her home country for the first time in years to investigate a whole host of new, deadly secrets.

From dead drag queens to bodies washing up Twin Peaks-style, Alexa finds herself embroiled in whole new kinds of chaos in the busy Kiwi city, doing her best as an ex-cop who just can’t stop investigating. Along the way, she’ll cope with personal troubles as well, whether that be her own romantic life, that of her partner’s, or simply the chaos that comes with returning home after so long away. But, no matter the case, Alexa knows she’s never wrong, and it’s up to her fellow investigators to keep up.

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29 July 2021


19 July 2021

Sunday Magazine 18 July 2021: Lucy Lawless is Over Fame…


Sunday Magazine
(New Zealand)

18 July 2021

It is often said that newspapers contain the first draft of history, but not everybody wants to be a part of that history. Not Lucy Lawless. She does not want to be remembered.

Lawless reckons legacy is the pursuit of men. When she dies, she doesn’t even want a tombstone. She wants her ashes scattered somewhere, probably into the Hauraki Gulf. Whether or not anyone remembers her after that, well, she doesn’t really care.

But here we are anyway. “I don’t care,” she says, however her sentence is broken when she sees the camera about to shutter. She turns to look down the barrel. Laughs. There are lights and a camera, and I’m interviewing her in an old brick building in an affluent part of Auckland during the Sunday cover shoot. Working with cameras, talking, and “I don’t care what people miss of me. I’m quite happy to be forgotten. It doesn’t matter to me. I do these things because it’s a part of my job or to help someone with a cause.”

That’s the thing about Lawless, she has been familiar for 32 years. On screen, we’ve seen her play Xena, Lucretia in Spartacus, and Alexa Crowe in the comedy-drama series My Life is Murder. Off-screen, we’ve read accounts of her court appearance, her climate change activism, and the celebrity gossip that shadows people like her.

But she’s unsure we actually know much about her. She’s known to play strong female leads. Will we remember Lucy Lawless as an actor who pushed boundaries, to create roles for women as superheroes and genius detectives?

“No,” she says. “That’s what gets offered to me. I quite like a very passive, weak character. I love it!” She says playing “very passive” characters can be more fun than a bold hero. They’re more complex. The leading women she does play have been because directors seek her out for those roles. “I don’t seek anything out. I’m really, like, extremely passive. Maybe I’m not quite as passive these days, but I don’t really chase things,” she says.

Will we remember Lawless as an activist, who was fined and sentenced to 120 hours’ community service for climbing an oil drilling ship? “I don’t mind. At the time, in 2013, that’s what we had to do to try to wake people up to climate change. These days, it belongs to the kids,” she says. “The face of activism has changed a lot.”

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19 July 2021

AUSXIP Interviews Adrienne Wilkinson about Xena Loot-A-Palooza!

Have you heard of Xena Loot-a-Palooza? Where have you been lately?

AUSXIP's Christa Morris interviewed Adrienne Wilkinson (two of my fave people in the world) about the awesome Xena stash at Loot-A-Palooza! LOTS of Xena goodies on offer.

Watch the video and then go to:



16 July 2021

Gorgeous Xena and Gabrielle Mosaic by Kat Jetson

Oh I love this mosiac! It was created by super talented Kat Jetson




13 July 2021

Video: The Untold Truth of Xena Warrior Princess

This is a pretty cool video of what made Xena so special - Video by Looper


Originally meant to be a single-arc character on "Hercules : The Legendary Journeys", Xena proved to be even more popular than the show she spun off from. In 1995, "Xena : Warrior Princess" premiered, and the show's legacy endures even today, thanks in no small part to the memorable performance of Lucy Lawless as the title character.

Even after the show ended in 2001, and Lucy Lawless moved on to many other important roles, she's still mostly known as Xena. Today, Xena fans are still voicing their love of the show loud and clear, multiple comic series have continued the show's legacy, and even Xena-themed conventions still happen. You may already be a mega-fan, but maybe there's something you didn't know in the untold truth of "Xena: Warrior Princess".

#Fantasy #Hercules #LGBTQ

Xena almost got killed off | 0:00
Demi-goddess? | 1:21
Beating Hercules | 2:14
Marrying into the Xenaverse | 3:13
Niche roles and major stars | 3:42
Xena’s long convention history | 4:50
An LGBTQ+ icon | 5:51
Renée O'Connor does it all | 6:48
Worthy of museums | 7:56
Xena's chakram are totally real | 8:42
Xena’s war-cry | 9:42



13 July 2021

Lucy in New Show MrCorman on Apple TV+

Lucy tweeted that has worked on the show Mr Corman.

What is the show about?

A deep cut into the days and nights of a public schoolteacher in the San Fernando Valley.





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1 July 2021

My Life is Murder Season 2 Promo Images and Video for August 30 Return

Acorn TV has released new promo images from the upcoming Season 2 of My Life is Murder and a video!.