Article from Collider 28 July 2021

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My Life Is Murder, Acorn TV’s murder mystery series starring Xena, Warrior Princess herself, Lucy Lawless, is returning for a second season, and Collider is exclusively debuting the season’s first trailer. Produced by TVNZ and Network 10 in conjunction with Acorn TV, the series will stream exclusively on the AMC Networks platform on August 30.

The second season of My Life Is Murder moves shop from Australia to Auckland, New Zealand, and in the tradition of every good murder mystery, the trailer sees Lawless’s Alexa Crowe unable to help herself when asked to look into a strange, unsolved murder. Reunited with her crime-solving partner and friend Madison (Ebony Vagulans), as well as meeting charismatic detective Harry (Rawiri Jobe) and cafe owner Reuben (Joe Naufahu), Alexa returns to her home country for the first time in years to investigate a whole host of new, deadly secrets.

From dead drag queens to bodies washing up Twin Peaks-style, Alexa finds herself embroiled in whole new kinds of chaos in the busy Kiwi city, doing her best as an ex-cop who just can’t stop investigating. Along the way, she’ll cope with personal troubles as well, whether that be her own romantic life, that of her partner’s, or simply the chaos that comes with returning home after so long away. But, no matter the case, Alexa knows she’s never wrong, and it’s up to her fellow investigators to keep up.

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