ImageThis week's NZ Woman's Day has an interview with Lucy. It covers My Life is Murder and how Lucy wants to "disappear" from the screen and go behind the scenes. This is where she talks more about her "top secret" project. The project (has no name yet) consists of her producing and directing the "it". Lucy will team up with Renee O'Connor and that's about all we know.

Here's what we know:

Lucy is Producing and Directing
It involves Renee O'Connor
Lucy is making this happen in the US
Not a drama

The "Top Secret" Project was first brought up in the NZ Woman's Weekly 20 September 2021 Issue (you can read about it here: NZ Woman's Weekly: Lucy and Renee Planning on Working Together In "Top Secret" Project)

In the NZ Woman's Day 27 September 2021 Issue we get a little more about the "Top Secret" Project and why Lucy wants to do it. She's in the US at the moment for this mysterious project:

"As for Rob, he won't be joining Lucy as she braves the pandemic and heads to Los Angeles to go hell for leather in the direction of her latest dream, a top-secret project she's producing and directing. "I'm really excited. It's something very new for me - not a drama but very cool. There'll be no room for anything else in my life for a while, so my only other dream for this year is that I manage to get back home and out of MIQ by Christmas."

*MIQ is what the hotel quarantine system NZ has in place for returned travellers and tourists is called.

You can find the full interview in this week's Woman's Day (27 September 2021) issue.

For more information about Lucy's role as Alexa Crowe go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless My Life is Murder subsite.

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