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TV Guide
(United States)




  • TV Guide 10-16 November 2008 - Here's Lucy. Brief article about Lucy's role on CSI Miami and a short interview
  • TV Guide 3-9 November 2008 - Lucy's horoscope
  • TV Guide Online says....We've gotten word from multiple trusted sources that Universal Studios Home Entertainment has decided to release Battlestar Galactica - Season 4.0 late this year. Very late, is the indication (but no date has been finalized, as far as we know). We expect it to be timed for release before the broadcast premiere of the second half of the season, as has been done in the past, to maximize sales. The "4.0" package will contain the episodes that have already aired by that time, with the final episodes eventually getting released on a "Season 4.5" set down the road... probably in 2009. Click here to read the full article


  • TV Guide Online 13 September 2007 has an interview with Lucy about her role on Burn Notice: Lucy Lawless Gives Notice: I Need Rescuing! - by Michael Logan.  Lucy Lawless as a damsel in distress? Say it ain't so! In a wild departure from her usual badass roles, the former Xena: Warrior Princess star will appear on USA Network's Burn Notice (tonight, 10 pm/ET) as a weepy, needy, emotionally frazzled mom who hires Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) to track down her missing husband and son. A much ballsier Lawless plays herself on Curb Your Enthusiasm in an episode airing Oct. 21. We gave the actress a call to discuss both gigs, plus the one that got away — the disastrous American version of Footballers' Wives. Read more

  • TV Guide (US) 10 September 2007 - Lucy Lawless on Burn Notice - Give This Person (Another) Show! Scan of Lucy (from the OK Magazine photoshoot and as Xena) with a brief description from Lucy's guest appearance on Burn Notice in the episode "False Flag"
  • TV Guide 13 August 2007 Behind The Scenes. [Scan of Lucy with fans] Guests who attended the Battlestar Galactica panel were treated to two surprises. First Lucy Lawless will return as D'anna for at least two episodes in Season 4. Second, Lawless jumped into the crowd, grabbed one of TV Guide's fans and posed for a quick photo with, well, fans.
  • TV Guide July 23-Aug 5, 2007 Inside SciFi - Battlestar Galactica. Lucy to return to BSG by end of series. Article contains some spoilers - Many thanks to Pat for the scans

  • TV Guide 27 February 2007 - Cheers for Lucy joining Football Wives

  • TV Guide (US) 29 January 2007 - For those keeping spoiler free - the whole article is one huge spoiler. It deals with Lucy's character D'anna Biers.





  • US TV Guide - 30 May 2004 - 25 Top Cult Shows Ever
  • TV Guide (US) October 2004  - Promo for Lucy's guest appearance on Less Than Perfect
  • TV Guide (US) - October 3-9, 2004 has a small snippet about Lucy in Less Than Perfect  - "LESS THAN PERFECT, meanwhile, has tapped Lucy Lawless (Xena!) to play an old flame of Will's (Eric Roberts). She'll show up later this month."
    Many thanks to bookdaft for the article snippet