Lucy Lawless Breast Cancer Research - T-Shirts Designed by Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless wears Breast Cancer Research T-Shirt

Artwork by Lucia Nobrega
C) 2003 Lucia Nobrega

Lucy has long been associated with Breast Cancer Research - she did a TV advertisment on behalf of the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation (screengrabs) or Download the video clip in October 2000 and now a t-shirt is available that Lucy designed to help in the research in finding a cure for breast cancer.

When you get dressed this summer, make the fashion statement that speaks social volumes. Join Lucy Lawless and wear the BCRT T-shirt with pride.

International fashion designer Karen Walker has designed a limited edition T-shirt in support of this worthwhile charity. The BCRT T-shirt identifies you as a crusader in the fight against breast cancer and is fashion savvy to boot! The T-shirt is for men and women. A funky design, a fabulous designer and a fantastic cause - this T-shirt is guaranteed to be a must have item!
Lucy Lawless - white t-shirt
A variation of Karen's design will be sold at all Glassons stores from February 2003, alongside other designer T-shirts from Lucy Lawless, Otis Frizell, Anika Moa and Pavement Magazine - all for BCRT! Profits raised by the sale of the T-shirts will be used for breast cancer research.

To purchase a T-shirt it costs only $29.95 NZ and a whopping $10 from every T-shirt sold will go towards finding a cure for breast cancer. Profits raised by the sale of the T-shirt will be used for breast cancer research.

You can call 011-643-3660-164 (US) or 00111 64 3 3660164 (Australia) and place your order using a credit card. or email the store at  or contact a department store in Auckland on 00164 3 3486999 (US) or 00111 64 3 3486999 (Australia). Shipping to Australia is $10NZ and I'm not sure about shipping to the US.


Lucy is wearing the white t-shirt she designed. The above logo depicts the back design from the same t-shirt.

You can contribute to the fund by sending donations to

The Breast Cancer Research Trust
PO Box 91 127
Auckland Mail Centre
Auckland, New Zealand

0800 BCRT CURE (0800 227 828)


- Breast Cancer Research Trust T-shirt Update

They are available in black or white t-shirts

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