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29 August 2014

Press Release: The Code To Premiere on ABC TV 21 September

Image635449358488100624ABC sets launch date for The Code

[Fri 29/08/2014 10:27 AM]

By Press release

The Code, a six-hour political thriller produced by Playmaker for ABC TV, will premiere on September 21 at 8.30 pm.

Filmed in Sydney, Canberra and Broken Hill, The Code tells the story of two very different brothers who unearth information that those at the highest levels of political power will kill to keep secret.

In the middle of the outback a stolen 4WD collides with a transport truck. Two local kids in the vehicle are hurt. Badly. Someone should have called for help. But they didn’t, because that ‘someone’ works for a major stakeholder in an international research project no-one talks about.

The kids’ accident would have remained a mystery if it weren’t for Ned (Dan Spielman) and Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman) – a young internet journalist desperate for a break, and his troubled hacker brother on a strict good-behaviour bond.

Ned and Jesse Banks are gifted a poisoned chalice when a phone video of the outback accident arrives in their inbox. And posting it online will cost them more than they ever imagined. Together, they suddenly become the unlikeliest crusaders for democracy.
The decision to dig deeper drags the brothers into the darkest heart of politics and the web of black marketeers and the international agencies who monitor and manipulate them.

The question is just how far those in authority will go to keep their explosive secret safe.  And just how far the two brothers will go to reveal the truth.

The outstanding ensemble cast includes Dan Spielman (An Accidental Soldier, Offspring), Ashley Zukerman (The Slap, Rush), Adele Perovic (SLiDE), Adam Garcia (Coyote Ugly, Bootmen), Chelsie Preston Crayford (Mystery of a Hansom Cab, Underbelly: Razor), Paul Tassone (Underbelly, All Saints), Dan Wyllie (Rake, Puberty Blues), Lucy Lawless (Parks and Recreation, Xena: Warrior Princess), Aden Young (I Frankenstein, Rectify), David Wenham (Answered by Fire, Killing Time), and Aaron Pedersen (Jack Irish, Mystery Road).
The Code was created by Shelley Birse and written by Birse, Blake Ayshford and Justin Monjo; directed by Shawn Seet (The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, Love Child, SLiDE) and produced by Playmaker’s David Maher, David Taylor and Shelley Birse. It is executive produced by ABC TV’s David Ogilvy, Greer Simpkin and Carole Sklan.

A Playmaker production for ABC TV,  the series was developed through the Scribe Initiative and is produced with the assistance of Screen Australia, Screen NSW, the ACT Government and Screen ACT.



29 August 2014

Lucy Lawless: Much ado about nothing? I think not–NZ Herald 29 August

Image635449148421493920In her monthly column for the NZ Herald (which is a few days early), Lucy looks at politics in New Zealand and how a book called "Dirty Politics" is creating all sorts of issues. This is such a well written article. You can buy the book from Amazon (Kindle version although it's a little pricey at $21)

You can read Lucy article by clicking on the thumbnail


read it online on New Zealand Herald site


I don't know a lot about New Zealand politics so I turned to Wikipedia to find out why this book is causing such a stir (and why it's the basis of Lucy's column)

Wiki says:

About the book:

Dirty politics: How attack politics is poisoning New Zealand's political environment is a book by Nicky Hager published in August 2014. The book features leaked emails between National Party figures and right-wing bloggers.

Among the claims in the book, Hager said, are that during the 2011 election campaign a right-wing blogger, Cameron Slater, who is the son of former National Party President John Slater,[1] obtained a database of Labour Party members, emails and donations which were used to attack the Labour Party. Also in 2011 the PM's office used its knowledge of secret SIS documents to tip off a right-wing blogger and arrange an attack on Labour leader Phil Goff, and drafted Official Information Act requests for a right-wing blogger to use in other attacks.

The book also presents evidence which suggests that Justice Minister Judith Collins leaked the name of public servant Simon Pleasants to Cameron Slater. Collins suspected Pleasants of releasing information through his job at the Department of Internal Affairs which was embarrassing for Finance Minister Bill English. Once his name was leaked to Slater, Pleasants subsequently received death threats. Pleasants denies ever leaking any information about English. Once the book was published, there was pressure for Collins to resign, with English saying "it's not a style I like" and Key called her actions "unwise".[3] Political reporter Andrea Vance commented that in light of Dirty Politics: "Almost everyone in the political sphere assumes Collins will be demoted post-election."[4]

It has also been discovered that in a file held by the New Zealand Herald newspaper, hundreds of messages were sent from people working on ministerial or government computers to the comments section of Cameron Slater's WhaleOil blog. The messages are linked to the government servers and IP addresses from which they were posted. The file also links those details with email addresses.

Read more here



27 August 2014

Lucy in Agents of SHIELD First Photo and Season 2 Premiere


Here’s the latest from ABC/Marvel on Lucy’s character in Agents of SHIELD. The first pic and news that Lucy will be in premiere episode of Season 2!

For all the latest news, pics and upcoming video on Lucy as Agent Isabelle Hartley, check out the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Agents of SHIELD subsite

When "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." returns for a second season on Tuesday, September 23 at 9:00 p.m. ET on ABC, it'll bring a number of new faces with it...including Lucy Lawless as Agent Isabelle Hartley, and we've got your first look at her in the season premiere!

Known for her roles in "Xena: Warrior Princess" and "Battlestar Galactica," Lawless will join up with Director Coulson's team as Agent Hartley, a seasoned S.H.I.E.L.D. veteran helping to rebuild the organization.

Check out the first official image of Lawless as Agent Hartley, and as always stay tuned to for the latest on the new season of "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."!




23 August 2014

EW Spoiler Room Scoop on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

ImageDo you have any scoop on Lucy Lawless’ character on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Sydney
Former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Isabelle Hartley shares a history with Coulson, though it’s more like “mutual respect” than anything sexual, according to executive producer Maurissa Tancharoen. In fact, one might look to the comics for a possible clue as to who Isabelle shares that kind of past with. Could she be the very Isabelle that dated the late Victoria Hand? “There’s always a chance,” Jed Whedon says coyly, adding that trust will be an issue with Isabelle. “When we meet her, she might not necessarily be on the right side of things.”




19 August 2014

Lucy appearing in documentary about Paul Fuemana

ImageMa-ori Television to Screen the Untold Story of Pauly Fuemana

Ma-ori/Niuean singer-songwriter Paul Fuemana shot to fame in 1995 with the song that became New Zealand’s biggest selling record. His story will be told in HOW BIZARRE, screening Monday, August 25 at 9.30pm on Ma-ori Television.

HOW BIZARRE is the second of Ma-ori Television’s new strand of Pakipu-meka New Zealand documentaries and is told through a mix of interviews and archival footage, including footage shot by Pauly himself – on tour, in the studio and at home.

The song How Bizarre redefined the musical landscape of New Zealand and sold more than four million copies worldwide.

It reached number one around the world, including New Zealand, Australia, Germany, South Africa and Canada. In the US the single topped the US Billboard charts with over two million airplays between 1997 and 1998. How Bizarre was in the top 10 in many other countries, including the UK, setting Pauly on the path to fulfilling the promise of the ironically named Otara Millionaires Club (OMC).

HOW BIZARRE starts with Pauly at the height of his fame, appearing twice on the UK music show “Top of the Pops”, sharing the stage with Cher, the Spice Girls, Bryan Adams, Back Street Boys, Sheryl Crow and other ‘90s music icons, and then rewinds to show his rise from the mean streets of Otara to musical stardom.

The documentary explores where the OMC sound came from, including interviews with musical collaborator Alan Jansson, label bosses Andrew Penhallow and Simon Grigg, and Rolling Stone journalist Clinton Walker.

But the heart of the film is in the stories of the people who were closest to Pauly, and who shared his extraordinary and emotional journey from Otara to the heights of international fame and success to the depths of bankruptcy and chronic illness.

HOW BIZARRE also features Pauly’s Mum, Olivia (from whom he was separated at an early age); his wife, Kirstine; and friends, including artist and poet John Pule, rap artist Ermehn, American film star Matthew Modine, and actress Lucy Lawless who collaborated with Pauly on the 2007 hit, “4 All Of Us”.

At times it is emotionally searing as Pauly struggles to deal with the effects of personal losses, bankruptcy and the fading of his international career. But it also reveals Pauly’s enormous talents as a musician, writer and artist. He never stopped producing work, even in his bleakest periods.

HOW BIZARRE, a celebration of the life of Paul Fuemana, will screen on Ma-ori Television next Monday, August 25 at 9.30pm.

DRUG COURT, the next Pakipu-meka New Zealand documentary, will air on Monday, September 1 at 9.30pm, and follows five offenders participating in the Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court rehabilitation programme.




14 August 2014

Lucy Tweets About New Green Insulation and Solar Panels

Lucy has tweeted a photo of herself getting new green insulation in her Auckland home plus getting some solar panels installed (Lucy had mentioned wanting to install solar panels some time ago).  

For more information about Lucy's role as an Eco-Warrior, check out the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Eco-Warrior Subsite







Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

Lucy Lawless has given our solar policies the tick!
She's gone solar at her Auckland home, and we want to make it easier for more kiwis to go solar, too.
That's why our solar homes policy will allow families to get low-cost loans from the government to pay for installation, repay the loan via their rates, and enjoy free, sustainable power for decades.



9 August 2014

Celebs Speak Out on Breastfeeding In Public–The Hamilton Spectator 08 August 2014

Image635432072558107668The following article appeared in the Canadian newspaper “The Hamilton Spectator” 08 August 2014 Issue regarding Breastfeeding in public. The Lucy mention was towards the end of the article and it featured Lucy promotion for breastfeeding week in 2002 with baby Judah.

Celebs speak out on breastfeeding in public–
The Hamilton Spectator 08 August 2014

Considering their lack of anonymity with paparazzi lurking at every street corner, we salute celebrity moms who breastfeed their babies while out and about. Although it’s still considered taboo in some circles, there’s no shame in nursing your baby in public — or on the cover of a magazine for that matter.


Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless shared an intimate shot with her then three-month old son Judah to promote World Breastfeeding Week in 2002, which featured her quote, “Breastfeeding — my best role ever.”


Some of the articles related to this poster from the archives:

  • The NZ Herald - 3 August 2002 - Lucy Lawless, a woman at ease with life is a short article on Lucy's campaign (with a little help from Judah) for Breastfeeding week
  • Supertele - 16 August 2002 - Scan of Lucy breastfeeding and article
  • The Sydney Telegraph - 02 August 2002 - Lucy Lawless and Judah breastfeeding poster
  • From the Sydney Morning Herald - 1 August 2002
    Lucy Lawless, who played Xena: Warrior Princess, is more concerned about breastfeeding than fighting these days. The New Zealand actress is promoting World Breastfeeding Week, which begins todayMore than 120 countries are expected to take part in the World Breastfeeding Week activities. As Xena she became known for the bold leather bodice costume used to fend off mythical forces of evil. Now she stars quietly breastfeeding her three-month-old son, Judah, the Dominion-Post newspaper reported.



    4 August 2014

    Lucy Tweets Photos from Hair at the Hollywood Bowl

    Lucy tweeted the following pics of her attending “Hair” at the Hollywood Bowl



    3 August 2014

    Want a Xena Warrior Princess Medal & Opportunity to Own Xena's Chakram V2 Autographed by Lucy?

    Here's a couple of tweets that may interest you. Posted today on @ausxip and @lucylawlessnet accounts:




    3 August 2014

    2015 Official Xena Convention Party - You're Invited To The Xena Prom! (Fan Run)

    Alrighty we are just seven months away from the final official Xena Convention - our annual migration of the family. It's going to be a blast and it will be AWESOME.

    In addition to what Creation is planning, the fans are planning something as well and it will be EPIC.

    Here's your invite to the best party at the con!

    The annual after party for the Xena: Warrior Princess convention is back with a new name this time - XENA PROM - and we are going out with a BANG! We raised over $3000 for charity at our last party and we want to exceed that this year. We invite you to be a part of our fun filled journey, as we party one last time at #XenaProm.

    In 2015 we will be back bigger than ever with the same events you know and love as well as some exciting new ones!

    ImageWHEN: 8:00pm February 22nd, 2015.

    WHERE: Burbank Marriott Hotel, Burbank, CA (Room TBA)

    THEME: "Friendship".


    If you want to wear a formal dress or tuxedo then dress to the nines! If you want to wear your favorite jeans, sneakers and shirt, DO IT! We don't care what you wear, we want you to be YOU and we want you to have FUN!

    COST: FREEEEE!! We will say it again: FREE!!

    WHAT: A photobooth, drawing of the chakram giveaway and other prizes, opportunity draw, softball MVP awards, skittles, the best cake you ever did see, winners of the scavenger hunt announced, special guests (don't ask us who - we won't tell you!), a dance floor, and most importantly (here's looking at you, Bonni and Michelle!) a CASH BAR!
    There will be awesome music lined up but if you want to put in a musical request beforehand you can do so here!

    You want to help? You want to attend - CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE INFO



    1 August 2014

    NZ Herald August Column by Lucy: Seeing The World Differently 01 August 2014

    Image635425763666531309nzherald010814Lucy’s August 2014 monthly column is devoted to children, such as her son and daughter, who have Irlen Syndrome. Lucy’s articles are archived in the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Columnist subsite which has a collection of articles / news & video of Lucy as a journalist / interviewer.

    Please note: the photo used this article is not Lucy’s son but a generic Getty Image used by NZ Herald for the purpose of this article

    Tinted glasses may help a young child with Irlen Syndrome be able to read letters which otherwise blur, spin or change colour.
    Photo / Getty Images

    You can click on the images for the larger scans or you can read it online


    Lucy Lawless: Seeing the world differently

    New Zealand Herald
    01 August 2014

    I have children with Irlen Syndrome and know their special talents but fear for those who are never diagnosed

    I once read a news article where a young boy was beaten by his harried mother for lying when he claimed, "Grandma scares me when her eyes slide off her face". Turns out, the kid was not lying. This is one of the more alarming aspects of Irlen Syndrome, also known as Meares-Irlen or Scotopic Light Sensitivity Syndrome.

    Somehow the information network in the boy's brain did not form typically in vitro. Then the nerve centre's incredible powers of inference will interpret the incoming data in novel ways, resulting in psychedelic visual distortions.

    Such was the case with my own offspring. Until my son's diagnosis at the Irlen Diagnostic Clinic in Pakuranga, he had never seen tiles that were not creeping across a roof and dripping off the edges. My daughter, less severely affected, had never been able to stomach the lurid signage in shopping malls.

    Read Full Article

    Tweets about the article from Lucy



    1 August 2014

    Extensive 3+ Hours Lucy Interview with Archive of American Television 21 August 2013

    Image635424760825390740In her three-hour plus Archive interview, Lucy Lawless discusses her experience in drama school and her early roles as a guest star on New Zealand television. She talks of hosting the series Air New Zealand Holiday, recounts being cast in an early role on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and shares how she was later cast as "Xena" on the same show. She recalls her transition from Hercules: The Legendary Journeysto her own series, Xena: Warrior Princess, and details the ways in which the character changed for the spin-off. Lawless speaks at length about "Xena", her effect on popular culture, and her status as a feminist icon. She speaks of her stint as the Cylon "D'Anna Biers" on Battlestar Galactica, and touches on her guest roles onCurb Your Enthusiasm, The L Word, and Saturday Night Live. She recalls being cast as "Lucretia" onSpartacus, and describes the difficulties the series encountered due to the untimely death of lead actor Andy Whitfield. Finally, she outlines her role on Parks and Recreation, speaks of career highs, and offers her philosophy of acting. Nancy Harrington conducted the interview on August 21, 2013 in North Hollywood, California.



    PART 1

    • On her early life and influences; on television she watched as a child
    • On appearing on the sketch comedy show Funny Business; on going to drama school; on various guest-starring roles on New Zealand television
    • On appearing in the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys  made-for-television movie; on playing "Xena" on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys; on the popularity of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
    • On the spin-off of "Xena" into her own series, Xena: Warrior Princess; on the character of "Xena" on Xena: Warrior Princess; on the costumes and stunts on the show


    PART 2

    • On the world of Xena: Warrior Princess; on "Xena's" relationship with "Gabrielle" on Xena: Warrior Princess; on her co-stars on the show
    • On the atmosphere on the set of Xena: Warrior Princess; on the production process of Xena: Warrior Princess; on censorship of the show
    • On fan reaction to Xena: Warrior Princess; on dealing with her fame and being a feminist icon; on the different genres included in Xena: Warrior Princess and her favorite episodes of the show; on the end and legacy of Xena: Warrior Princess
    • On hosting Saturday Night Live; on various guest starring roles; on playing the Cylon "D'Anna Biers" on Battlestar Galactica


    PART 3

    • On the end of her character on Battlestar Galactia; on appearing on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Celebrity Duets  and The L Word; on guest-starring on Flight of the Concords
    • On being cast on Spartacus; on her Spartacus  character "Lucretia"; on Andy Whitfield as "Spartacus" and his illness
    • On Liam McIntyre taking over the role of "Spartacus" on Spartacus; on her Spartacus co-stars; on her character "Lucretia's" backstory on Spartacus 
    • On the costumes and wigs of Spartacus; on her favorite moments of Spartacus; on the end of her character "Lucretia"
    • On her fans; on appearing on No Ordinary Family and Parks and Recreation; on then-current projects


    PART 4

    • On how celebrity has affected her;
    • on her involvement with Green Peace;
    • on what she likes about acting and her approach to acting
    • On how television has changed for actors since she started;
    • on advice to an aspiring actor; on her achievements and regrets and
    • where she sees herself in the future



    1 August 2014

    Agents of Shield Video: Clark and Ming-Na Talk About Working With Lucy

    Zap2it has a video of two of the stars of Agents of Sheild, Clark Gregg (Director Coulson) and Ming-Na Wen (Melinda May) being asked about Lucy being on the show (as Agent Isabelle Hartley). For more information about Lucy's role on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D go to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D subsite