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April 2019 Archives

26 April 2019

Xena Streaming on Lightbox in New Zealand

Xena: Warrior Princess - Lightbox for New Zealand Xenites!



Like a modern-day treasure hunter we had to dig deep into the Lightbox catalogue to unearth this worldly treasure. But by Jove was it worth it. Because cast your eyes on what we found, Xena: Warrior Princess! New Zealand's late-90s gift to television screens worldwide. Amazing. While the full series run isn't yet available - uh, why exactly, Lightbox? - there's still plenty of Lucy Lawless' original ass-kicking heroine to churn though. We're talking the entirety of the first three seasons. Which means you could binge for almost three day straight before running out of Xena. Naturally, we don't advise doing so but we certainly won't blame you for trying. Streaming now.

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24 April 2019

Dayna Grant Shows Off Xena Chakram (Stunt Version)

Oh this is cool and that Chakram looks like it has gone round and round for a bit of chakky bashing.




19 April 2019

Now In NZ Cinemas “Soldiers Without Guns” Lucy Narrated Documentary

Soldiers Without Guns: How NZ helped solve Bougainville's problems

Lucy narrated this documentary. has reviewed the movie and has given it 4 stars. They don’t say much about Lucy’s narration of the documentary

Soldiers Without Guns is an engrossing and fascinating film. Auckland based film-maker Will Watson (Haka and Guitars) weaves his material together well, while Lucy Lawless's narration tells us what we need to know to understand what we are seeing. This is a conventional documentary, made without undue flourish, and sometimes that's exactly what a story needs. 



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6 April 2019

New Promo Image of My Life Is Murder Cast Released

The official cast photo has been released by CJZ Production ahead of this year’s Mip TV in Cannes.

For more about Lucy’s role as Alexa Crowe on My Life is Murder, go to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless My Life is Murder subsite

The show is scheduled to air in Australia / NZ in Winter and on ACORN TV in the US in Summer 2019

Deadline had the following report about the show:

My Life Is Murder (DCD Rights)

The police procedural is a staple of U.S. network schedules and the genre is becoming increasingly popular internationally with the boom in localized content. Lucy Lawless, best known for playing Xena: Warrior Princess and who has starred in Ash Vs Evil Dead and Top of the Lake, stars as complex investigator Alexa Crowe in this ten-part Australian drama.

The show, which is produced by Go Back To Where You Came From indie CJZ Production for Network Ten, follows Lawless’ Crowe as she solves murders and combats the small frustrations of everyday life. Wentworth’s Bernard Curry and newcomer Ebony Vagulans also star in the series, which started filming in Melbourne in February.

Nicky Davies Williams, CEO of DCD Rights, which is distributing internationally, told Deadline, “We have found this to be in demand from buyers looking for a lighter but still investigative alternative to the darker crime and drama on their slates.  Lucy commands a strong fan base around the world, and as a ten-part drama that can adapt to many parts of the schedule this offers flexibility as well as a strong storyline hook to hold buyers through each episode.”

Source: Deadline