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New Weekly
31 August 1998

50 Coolest People In The World

nwlucy.jpg (20478 bytes)Anyone who can give a headlock with their thighs has gotta be special. As Xena - Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless has become an icon to millions right around the globe. She's been rated as one of the most beautiful women in the worlds, and ranked thrid as the person  kids in America would most like to have over to play (she was beaten only by Chelsea Clinton and Tiger Woods). Her Her cult sttus is up there with Captain Kirk and Mulder and Scully, but even they could never inspire 200 lesbians to don long black wigs with fringes and scant leather bodices for the Sydney Mardi Gras as Lucy did. She started her career a decade ago in Las Vegas, representing her country as Mrs New Zealand (Mrs Peru won, by the way). Now she's the wildest thing on TV!

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