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Fangoria Magazine




  • Fangoria Magazine
    The release date for Boogeyman (in the US) is 4 February 2005 according to Fangoria Magazine
    Screen Gems has set a release date of February 4, 2005 for BOOGEYMAN, the first movie to roll for Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert’s Ghost House Pictures. Stephen T. (GET CARTER) Kay directed the film, about a young man (7TH HEAVEN’s Barry Watson) who believes that the titular phantom devoured his father 16 years ago, and returns to his hometown to confront the creature as an adult. (See Fango #234, currently on sale, for Raimi’s comments about the project.) The movie, which co-stars Emily Deschanel and Lucy Lawless, was lensed (in New Zealand) before Ghost House’s THE GRUDGE, but that Takashi Shimizu film will open first (October 29 from Columbia).

  • Fangoria Magazine- February 2004 - Lucy Lawless talks about Boogeyman FANGORIA caught up with Lucy (XENA) Lawless and asked her about her role in BOOGEYMAN, the upcoming Screen Gems release produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert (Lawless' husband). It's the first in a series of horror films Raimi and Tapert are shepherding via their Ghost House production arm of Senator International; its second project, THE GRUDGE, recently began shooting in Japan.