Lucy Lawless World Vision - 5 Days in Bangladesh


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Videos created by MaryD - All the videos on this page can be viewed using Quicktime These video clips comprise the entire documentary

Lucy Travels to Bangladesh
Clip #1


Lucy goes to the train station with the kids that made it their 'home'. She meets Serjan who works in the brick works and also studies
Clip #2

Lucy goes back to see Serjan after he comes home from school and the brickworks. She then meets Bina's family who are not in the World Vision program. Please be aware that this clip can be very distressing. - Clip #3
Lucy finds out more about Bina's family and she is presented with a basket of flowers and the family spends a week's earnings to provide Lucy a meal. Lucy also meets Even who is her sponsered child  Clip #4
Even is a healthy bright young man who is off to University. Lucy plays soccer and bids farewell to Even who she has sponsered since 1995.  She also meets her newest sponsored child, Fatima (a real cutie). Clip #5