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Locusts! - CBS Telemovie

Fan Review

by KT


"Locusts" was not near so bad as I thought it might be. While I wouldn't have watched it if Lucy hadn't been in it, I didn't feel like it was a total loss except for the Lucy parts. Which was a possibility for me. It had some fun parts and on the whole good acting.

I thought Lucy did a fine job. Not too campy, not too serious, believable and yeah, she created a character I wouldn't mind following around for a while longer to see what she's up to next. How nice to finally see her in something where she's the lead character with lots of lines and scenes again.

I liked her reaction to finding out she was pregnant. (Though as one review pointed out, she sees the word "Pregnant" on the tester and then grabs the package insert as if to see what the word "Pregnant" might mean.)

And I bet she ad-libbed that part in the barn where she got a bug in her mouth and spit it out. Just seemed very Lucy to me.

I enjoyed many of the tongue in cheek things. Like their little roving motorhome being identified as "The Voracious Insect Mobile Research Lab". LOL! And the typical pretty girl and boy newscasters brightly intoning the deadly progress of the swarms. The station call signs were made up, no?

I thought these wink-wink, nudge-nudge touches were just right--not too overdone, totally sharing with the audience rather than trying to act as if they were putting something over on us. I felt that the people who made this movie cared enough to work hard on trying to make it good. I liked that.

And I definitely liked it that the women were the movers and shakers in this movie. The ones who didn't hit the panic button, the ones who figured out what was going on and how to fix it and who stood up to the typical male hierarchal authority figures and fought for their ideas to be used to solve the problem. And it was good to see how it followed through--how when they put her plan into effect on the ground, Maddy orders the soldiers to reset their weather balloons. And they listen to her.

I also noticed a very refreshing more realistic quotient of non-caucasian folks. There was a greater mix of "others", more so than the normal nod to token representation of the racial diversity of America that you see in most movies.

I think it was better than other movies in this genre (though of course, the presence of Lucy helped that feeling out tremendously.)

I really liked the way Lucy played the bit at the very end--when she's sitting on the bench with her husband and daughter and answers the phone. She plays so well the realization that she knows she is going to take this job she's being offered and it's probably going to start her husband off whinging again. But knowing that won't stop her from leaving him holding if not the bag, at least the baby. And also knowing she's got to tell him that.

I think it's easily the best thing Lucy's done on TV since Xena. You go grrl!


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