Sharon has confirmed that Lucy will be doing this documentary as reported on 31 March 2009. Check out the message Sharon has posted on the Official Xena Fan Club Page

The following was posted here on 31 March 2009 about an upcoming chat with the filmmaker for the documentry:

War with No Guns - director William Watson
Documentary - feature, currently in production

In the documentary War With No Guns narrator Lucy Lawless ("Xena: Warrior Princess") asks a simple question; In an age of civil war and conflict how do we create lasting peace? To answer one of the world's most burning questions we will journey to Bougainville Island in Papua New Guinea and revisit New Zealand's entry into the Pacific's most brutal civil war. In an unprecedented example of peacekeeping, a multinational force, led by New Zealand, chose to leave their guns behind and instead bring guitars and hakas (New Zealand Maori war dance) as their weapons of choice. War With No Guns looks at the fascinating story of how a war was fought without guns, by an army who united the people to peace.

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