Just received the following from Julie H about the new Boogeyman CD

Thanks to the Ausxip heads-up, I ordered the limited edition Boogeyman cd on Monday to add to my Lucy collection... :) It just arrived (wow!) and to make a long story short, here's what Joe LoDuca says about Lucy in the liner notes:

"When Tim approaches his house, I knew that I wanted a female vocalist," says LoDuca. "So I called upon Lucy Lawless, who plays Tim's mother, as well as being Rob Tapert's wife outside of the film. While I wanted spooky, wordless vocals from Lucy, she came up with the brilliant idea to have her phrasing become the ghost voice of Tim's mother. And that allows her to further tease and chide Tim. So Lucy created this character, as both a musician and an actress, which worked out very well. When it came to children's chorus she interacts with, I had maybe 14 kids, which we then overdubbed - sprinkling a few adult women to be their 'mother hens' that they could rely on for pitch and direction. And everyone had a great time screaming their heads off for the Boogeyman soundtrack, which was very therapeutic for our singers!"

Click here to order a copy - there are only 1500 copies of this CD created so you have to hurry

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