Brent from The TorchOnline recently interviewed Lucy and one of the issues discussed was the topic of Xena (naturally) and the way Xena ended and the fans reaction to that ending. Lucy has had a change of heart with the way she dealt with the aftermath of the fan reaction which is very interesting. Brent was kind enough to ask my opinion about the fan reaction of Xena's demise and this is his article:

Lucy Lawless Wishes They Hadn't Killed Xena

When Lucy Lawless, star of the cult fantasy hit Xena: Warrior Princess, first heard that her character was going to be killed in the show's 2001 series finale, she thought it was a terrific idea, but she has since changed her mind.

"At the time, we thought that was a really strong choice," Lawless says in an exclusive interview with "But I think it really hurt the fans. I wish we hadn't done it, actually."

In the two-part finale, "A Friend in Need," Xena finds herself unable to fight a powerful spiritual being. In order to be able to do so, she allows herself to be shot full of arrows. Once dead, her head is cut off, and she is cremated. The episodes feature several relatively gruesome scenes of the decapitated body.

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