19 August 2009 Update

Well it seems that was not quite right. The Creation web site was updated prematurely and Lucy is NOT confirmed as yet. They are working to see if it's going to fit with her schedule so basically we are back to not knowing if Lucy will or will not be at the Convention. Stay tuned.

18 August 2009

Lucy has been added to the 2010 Xena Convention guest list according to the Official 2010 Xena Convention page on Creation Entertainment's site - must be the first time that Lucy has confirmed so far in advance (that I can remember). Way cool!  The 2010 Xena Convention will be celebrating 15 years of Xena which is unbelievable. A show that has changed so many people's lives including the cast and crew. We are getting new fans coming into the fandom and that ol' warrior and her bard have such a loyal following.

Guest List:

Lucy Lawless

David Franklin
Adrienne Wilkinson
Brittney Powell

For tickets go to Creation Entertainment