I was interested in reading this Q&A from The TorchOnline in answering a reader's question about Lucy was like (and any long time Lucy fan will know, Lucy is NOTHING like Xena but we (long time fans) seem to forget that other people don't know that!

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Q: What's Lucy Lawless really like? - Andrew, Hartford, CT

Q: Your question is, no doubt, prompted by the fact that the Oracle recently interviewed the Xena star (since it was mostly about her new show Spartacus: Blood and Sand, most of the interview with run closer to its January air-date).

Lucy is beautiful -- and looks remarkably fit and youthful for 41 -- but it is a very approachable beauty, not like some celebrities I've interviewed who are so flawless, almost godlike, that it seems a little creepy.

But what struck me the most is how she is nothing like Xena. Of course I knew that that's just a character she played, but on some level, I guess I thought it couldn't be too far from who she really is. Unlike Xena, Lucy is the opposite of serious. She is smart and quick and light and very irreverent. The best word I can use is impish, almost seeming to take delight in saying provocative or quirky things...Read More

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