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Q: Does Lucy Lawless regret that they killed Xena? - Craig, Norfolk, VA

A: In fact, she does. In "A Friend in Need," the two-part Xena: Warrior Princess series finale back in 2001, Xena allows herself to be killed, so she can become a ghost and fight a spiritual being. Later, after Gabrielle finds a way to bring Xena back to life, the Warrior-Princess heroically chooses to stay dead in order to make amends for past sins. The series ends with Gabrielle, a full-fledged warrior at last, carrying on Xena's legacy.

But as I'm sure you know, Craig, fans were livid - both at the death itself and over the way she died, which included, um, decapitation.

"At the time, we thought that was a really strong choice," Lawless told me recently. "I laughed when I heard she got her head cut off. It was such a strong choice -- I'm perverse like that."

But since then, Lawless has had a big change of heart.

"I think it really hurt the fans," she says. "I wish we hadn't done it, actually. It's all like telling a bad placed joke, or laughing at some other group's expense. You're like, 'Come on, it's funny!' But then it's like, 'But it really hurts people.' And finally the penny drops and you go, 'Oh. That's why it's not funny, because somebody is in pain.'"

Incidentally, two things struck me about my interview with Lucy. First, she's as beautiful in person as she is on TV, but second, she's absolutely nothing like Xena. The truth is, she's the opposite of serious - very cheeky and irreverent, almost impish.

I'm told she's previously compared herself to her alter-ego "Meg" on the show, and I'm not sure that's too far off!

Source | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info