XE-CAL2010Combo.jpgThe following announcement was sent out by Creation Entainment today:

It's time to place your order for the 2010 Official XENA CALENDARS! We have two super-cool calendars coming, each limited to an edition of 1,000. They are titled "The Journey Continues" and "A Life Together".

We have a special offer to those that purchase both calendars....

A FREE hand-signed autographed photo of a favorite Xena celebrity! You have a 25% chance of getting a Lucy Lawless or Renee O'Connor autographed photo. Other autographed photos include Claire Stansfield, Victoria Pratt, Adrienne Wilkinson, Jennifer Sky, or Britney Powell. EVERYONE WINS SOMETHING: so order today while our supplies last! THIS AUTOGRAPH BONUS OFFER ONLY IS AVAILABLE UNTIL OCTOBER15!

Click here to order