Lucy has posted a new blog about several things including The Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Day (she mentioned that we should lose the Lucy Lawless bit from it). Nahhhhh....

I HTML clipboardwholeheartedly disagree with this on a mega scale but that's just my opinion - the whole thing was started because of Lucy's generous spirit and frankly I think it should continue to be called Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Day (Week). It's a special week for Lucy fans to show her how much she means to us.

In part Lucy's message said about the Sign On Promotion today (aka Darby's Barbie - see the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Events Page for more info about that and pictures)

I am off to a Sign On promotion today. Putting pressure on our government reps to come clean on Carbon Emissions policies. Climate Change is The No. 1 issue facing the human race. PLEASE SIGN ON TO A CLIMATE CHANGE GROUP IN YOUR AREA!!

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