That's the forecast! Drying out about midday (just in time for the march at 1 pm) BUT there may be a chance that this prediction is wrong (it's Auckland weather and Lucy reckons it's unpredictable :) So the following was just sent through to the Sign On Blog with a Lucy quote and a bet from Dr Salinger to Lucy (looks like one of them is going to be buying pina coladas at some point tomorrow) <g>

With just over 24 hours to go until we officially land on Planet A, there is much nervous glancing out the window and logging on to meteorological websites. That said, we're choosing to ignore the story running on Stuff: "Heavy rain predicted for Auckland" and (i never thought i'd say this) but i have also opted to shun the advice of acclaimed climate scientist and Sign On ambassador Jim Salinger. He emailed Lucy Lawless and I yesterday, asking if we had a contingency plan given the shocking state of the weather. "Don't be ridiculous Jim, no one knows anything about Auckland weather!" said the actress to the weather expert. I concurred. He asked me when i'd stopped believing in climate science....

The point being, tomorrow is the day we show the Government and the world New Zealanders care about climate change. And we give the New Zealand delegation to Copenhagen the right send off and challenge, RAIN OR SHINE.

Besides, check out the latest prediction: Fresh easterly winds. Rain and showers from early morning dying out by midday. Skies clearing to partly cloudy by mid afternoon and temperature rising to 20°C by 4 pm.

On the back of that, Salinger has issued the following pledge to Lawless: "If this forecast is wrong then I will shout pina coladas all round, otherwise the shout is on you!"

See you all tomorrow!