AOL Television has an interview with Lucy - Lucy Lawless Speaks About Sexy 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand'
15 January 2009

Lucy Lawless graduates from a Princess to a Queen, playing the stunningly sensual gladiator school madam Lucretia in 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand,' an original movie on Starz airing January 22.

This is not a rehashing of the classic Kirk Douglas yarn, but a far more risque interpretation. In an interview with AOL TV, Lawless insisted the bloody brutality of the gladiators and "everything goes" sexual philosophy is historically accurate.

There are so many graphic sex scenes that some people may think this is soft porn. Do you agree?

I keep hearing that words soft porn and I really rally against it because a) it's historically accurate where there is nudity (during the Roman gladiator times) and b) it's used in the context of the story properly. All the actors are serious about their craft and they don't want to be viewed gratuitously. There were perhaps some scenes in the earlier first two episodes where we realized that it had gone too far and it had been cut out. In terms of the sex for my character, we wanted to keep everything pretty realistic. The scene where the servants prepare [us] for sex certainly tells you that you're not in Kansas anymore, doesn't it?! [Laughs] It's like nothing else. The Romans' relationship to sexuality, nudity, religion, to homosexuality, prostitution, to food was completely different to ours.

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