ImageThe following interview was conducted with Lucy whilst at the 2009 Comic Con by John Chambrone from the Suncoast Gazette in Florida.

SAN DIEGO-For the past couple of years I have been able to report on San Diego Comic Con. Last year I was fortunate enough to score a few minutes with Lucy Lawless. The New Zealand born actress took the world by storm when she appeared on "Hercules, the Legendary Journeys," opposite Kevin Sorbo, as "Xena, Warrior Princess."

That popular pairing led to her own spin off series of the same name. After 'Xena,' the actress has continued to keep busy, appearing in the revamped Sci fi hit "Battlestar Galactica,' and more recently, "Spartacus." While growing up, Lawless had a fondness for singing and decided she wanted to become an opera singer. That soon changed when she turned 16 and realized that to become an opera singer she would have to adhere to a strict diet and couldn't stay out all night. In 1997, she was named one of People magazine's 50 most beautiful people.

The former warrior princess was on hand to promote, 'Spartacus,' which recently began on the Starz Channel. The network was so impressed by the first thirteen week series, that a second series was green lighted a month before the first series small screen debut. I want to say it brings me great joy to begin an interview by stating, "Hello. This is John Chambrone reporting live from Comic Con." That said, here we go with my interview with the lovely Lucy Lawless.

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Submitted by Barbara Davies