ImageLucy has been featured in the New Zealand media this weekend about Spartacus and also Lucy's involvement in the Greepeace Anti-Mining Campaign currently underway in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Herald
24 April 2010 has a brief mention of Lucy and Robyn with a nice pic. Screen stars protest 300ha National Park coal mine. Read Online article

The Sunday Star Times 25 April 2010
has a brief mention of Lucy (and a promo pic of Lucy) and about Spartacus. The usual spin about the violence, sex and bloodshed. It mentioned that SBS is to be shown on NZ TV later this year (hopefully).

The Herald on Sunday 25 April 2010 I Spy columnist Rachel has listed "The Celebrities Who Really Matter" and listed Lucy as #10. Rachel takes a look at A-List celebrities from New Zealand and why she finds them fascinating or worthy of being on that list. Unfortunately she didn't list why Lucy is on the list, just had her on the list.