For those thinking of going to see Lucy and the rest of Sparty cast at Comic Con, the unofficial Comic Con Blog has an interesting blog post about the upcoming sale of newly released tickets which are going on sale today (click here to find out more about these tickets)

The first catch is that all of the hotels available are moderately far from the convention center. They’re all around 10-12 minutes driving to the Con and this means about 20 minutes with SDCC traffic. There will be a shuttle service provided that is fairly reliable and has a great variety of times that will make this less of an issue. The second catch is that the tickets/rooms are all very expensive and much more then what most people payed when hotels first went up. Basically, if you’re looking to go and don’t have tickets or hotels this is an awesome solution. If you’re a person who already has a hotel and thinks these might be better though, they probably aren’t. So make sure to head to the link here if you’re interested. Read More (Reported by Barbara Davies)

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