In honour of Lucy's current Eurotrip, I've been working on redesigning the movie site for the movie Eurotrip she did in 2004, as Madam Vandersexx.

The site contains: Fan Reviews | Cast Information | Screencaptures from the movie and interviews | Promo Pics | Premiere photos and Video

The movie site can be found here

Also added the following videos to AUSXIP Video Lucy Lawless Channel - Eurotrip Section

- Eurotrip Clip - Lucy's Role Only - Madam Vandersexx
- Lucy Lawless Talks about her character Madam Vandersexx
- Eurotrip Outtakes Reel with Lucy Lawless
- Lucy Lawless talks to The Inside Reel about shooting in Prague, beautiful models, slapping around her co-stars and her good girl intentions in regards to her new film, Eurotrip
- Entertainers - 3 July 2004 - Lucy chats about why she did Eurotrp, what the movie is about.
- Extra 22 February 2004 - Lucy interviewed about Eurotrip