ImageThe Herald on Sunday 11 July 2010 has a brief mention of Lucy's European holiday and also her visit to Dachau concentration camp.

Herald on Sunday - 11 July 2010
Lawless, Tamihere Revisit Holocaust

Lucy Lawless has been playing the role of happy tourist travelling around Europe visiting Barcelona, Lucerne, Lake Como, Paris and even renting a car and driving to Burgundy. But it was visiting Dachau that Lawless described on her fan site as "a pretty devastating experience".

The woman who played team mate alongside Dave Fane on TVNZ's 50 Years celebration was evidently shaken by her experience. She told her fans: "I imagine a trip to Dachau, while not explicitly an extermination camp with fully operational gas chambers, nevertheless managed to degrade and annihilate tens of thousands of perfectly decent, healthy human beings. I think Auschwitz would leave me a puddle on the floor.