Lucy guest starred on the Larry David show Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO, Season 6: Episode 57 The TiVo Guy Airdate: 21 October 2007.

Larry Vs. Lucy Lawless
Season 6, The Tivo Guy

With Larry's marriage on the rocks, he sees a chance to get lucky with a new woman when he bumps into Lucy Lawless, star of Xena: Warrior Princess, on the street. He charms her with some clumsy banter, they bond over their shared dislike of Ted Danson, and she agrees to a dinner date. It goes well and she flirtily invites him back to her house, which elicits the following vintage Larryism: "My testicles got ensnared in the fly of my underwear and the doctor said I can't have sex for a week. We could go there for dinner?"


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(Reported by Barbara Davies)