ImageClio Historia Magazine - June 2010 has a four page article on Spartacus. Cris volunteered to translate the article from Spanish to English and the translation is now available.

HEADER: SPARTACUS / Antiquity's 'Che' Guevara?

SPARTACUS on TV: blood, sweat and...lots of sex

"Spartacus: blood and sand" premieres June 3 on Canal +. A Starz media production about the historical drama of the gladiator that became a threat to the Roman Republic, giving the famous myth a new twist.

"Spartacus: blood and sand" (airing in Canal + tells the tale of a man betrayed by the Romans, taken from his homeland and parted from the woman he loves: he is forced to become a slave, and turned into a gladiator. In order to survive in a new world ruled by corruption, blood and violence, he will be forced to place the very Republic against the wall, becoming a legend.

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