lucretia and spartacusAced Magazine recently interviewed John Hannah regarding Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. There are a couple of Lucy mentions in the article:

Will Batiatus' relationship with Lucretia be portrayed differently in the prequel?

JH: I don't know. They keep the scripts till the last minute, working on them. The producers don't like giving out the scripts too early; for one thing, everyone is always coming up with new ideas. As for me, I would say that in all 13 episodes, there may have been one thing that I thought wasn't quite right and they changed it right away.

What was it like working with Lucy?

JH: We got along really well together. She's a lovely woman and great to work with. She's a serious and professional actress well loved by millions of fans. In terms of the series, we were sort of under the radar last year. We had a great script that was unlike anything else out there. There were no cops, no lawyers, no car chases. The language and action was graphic. It's a very tough time for the TV and film industry and we all felt blessed that has something as unique and exciting as Spartacus. They showed the short trailer at last year's Comic-con and we hadn't seen the effects, and it gave us such a lift to be part of something this exciting. It was tough filming in the winter and we needed that boost. What I enjoyed about filming was that it was just a bunch of talented actors working on this exciting new project—with no egos, no 'stars.' We were all really grateful to be part of something that was so different.

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