ImageLucy is featured on the site That's The Story. 'That's The Story' is a children's radio programme that airs every Sunday morning from 7 till 8 on the Classic Hits Network. 'That's The Story' is a New Zealand On Air funded programme that's made up of songs, stories and competitions ideal for kids aged zero to a hundred. This is the 'That's The Story' official website.

They are holding a competition to Guess The Mystery Voice telling the story
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You can listen to another story read by Lucy called Brooke's First Show (reported on 12 April 2010)

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I Met Lucy Lawless

A Story From the Group I Am Obsessed With Lucy Lawless
Posted by thatsthestory

41-45 year old member
2 experience groups and 3 stories

I present a children's radio show in New Zealand. We have a story writing comp for kids, they write the story, i try and find some one famous to read it, my producer said some one was to come to my house, where my recording studio was, and record a story. it turned out to be lucy lawless, she was awsom, a really cool woman and totally in to it, so much so, she read four stories. Some of which can now be heard on our website, click on stories, click on bext of thats the story. We'll be adding the rest of her stories over the next few weeks.

a very cool day indeed and a very cool person too, spun a good yarn and didn't turn her nose up at instant coffee, her sister is a very cool woman too and also, a very good actor.

Posted on September 9th, 2009 at 2:56PM

Reported by Barbara Davies