ImageGoodness! After all these years you would think it wouldn't matter but there is something about that this particular woman in amazon leathers/feathers that just gives me heart flutters AND that scowl on that face!

Lucy as Xena can make me grin like an idiot. This show has got under my skin and will never leave. Not that I want it to leave but you know after 15 years one's interest in something does come to an end but I see the reverse happening. Every time I see something Xena, the interest meter goes back up! Amazing.

It looks Lucy will be appearing on Madeleine Sami's new skit show called RadiRadiRah on TV3 according to a link Barbara sent me. Lucy donned the leathers and her world face scowl to appear in a skit! Go read about it on her site - she sent in a new message and photo


Anyways...Lucy dons the amazon outfit for a Madeline Sami show and she borrows the outfit she gave to Starship! Goodness (#2) the last time Lucy wore that outfit was when she was 32! She's now 42 and looking better than ever.

For those that have forgotten (what? seriously?) what Lucy looked like aged 32 wearing the Amazon on the pic to refresh your memory

Want to see Lucy wearing the same outfit aged 42? Go here

and one more time that wonderful scowl...








(I am having fun writing this post and looking for Xena scowling pics!)