ImageYou all remember this pic that was recently posted on Lucy's official site of Lucy in her Amazon leathers?
Lucy indicated in her latest blog that she was going to be appearing on Madeleine Sami's new show in the outfit made famous in the Xena episode "Dangerous Prey" (if memory serves me correctly, that's the episode Renee O'Connor directed).

Lucy borrowed the costume she gave Starship for the Starship Spring Clean to appear as a Xena type character. Judging by the scowl on her face, Xena was very much alive and well.

There was speculation that Lucy's guest appearance on Madeleine Sami's new show was called RadiRadiRah on TV3 - this is incorrect.

The name of the show is called Super City. A new comedy staring Madeleine Sami and directed by Taika Waititi. They have a facebook page up

They write about Lucy's guest appearance:

"Super City Thanks Lucy for getting into her old Xena outfit in our final week's shoot!"

For the larger pic of Lucy in her Amazon leathers go to the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club page

News submitted by Barbara Davies