gladiators-whoreprevAustralia's TV Week Magazine has a preview of one of my favourite episodes "Whore". Tomorrow Australia gets the chance to view this episode. I'm not sure what the episode will look like with all the editing but it will be interesting.

Katrina makes her debut in this episode as well and we get to see Lucretia becoming totally loopy over the possibility of losing Crixus..that wall will never be the same again and neither will Licinia. <g>

Just a mention about something in the article. The reviewer says that Katrina bears an uncanny resemblence to Erin. Um. No they don't other than the dark hair. Very different to me.


Sometimes I wonder if the Aussie reviewers have actually watched the show; before the show started one reviewer described the show as a teenage Spartacus: the early years!! Nothing teenage about Andy Whitfield!