I received this beautiful note from Andrew Young, the CEO at Starship and I'm sharing:

My mate Tiki Taane has written a beautiful and melodic song as a gift for all New Zealand children, inspired by his baby son. All proceeds from every download of Starship Lullaby will be donated to Starship Children’s Hospital.

Starship Lullaby is one of those tunes that you'll find hard to shift from your mind once you've heard it. So out with the credit card and get downloading in the knowledge that not only will you get a great song, you'll also be contributing to a worthy cause.

It is the first single from the upcoming album ‘In The World Of Light’, (due for release in March 2011). Purchase your Starship Lullaby from or see the music video shot at Starship here.

In Tiki’s own words:

“I wrote this song for my son, Charlie Te Marama - I’m always singing and playing the guitar and it totally calms him down. One day when he was 3 months old, I was jamming some random chords and noticed he got really excited, every time I played them he went nuts. So off to the studio I went to piece the song together, and after a few days I had fleshed out the beginnings of the Starship Lullaby.

When composing the song, I wanted to write a lullaby that all parents could play and sing to their child, one that isn’t difficult to learn, but most importantly a song that is from Aotearoa. So I asked my whanau (family) to help translate the second half of the track into Maori, which in my opinion has really given the track spirit and soul.

A while later, after recording the demo and letting it sit, I had a dream that I had gifted the song to Starship Children’s Hospital, and it went on to help generate funds for their cause. So that next morning I sent an email to the Starship Foundation outlining my idea, and how I would like them to have and use this track any way possible, and this is when our partnership began.

It’s been an amazing journey watching this song grow, and its effect on every one who hears it. I’ve been blessed to have some incredibly talented people involved in the making of the song and the video.

I hope this song reaches the heart and soul of all who hear it, and that through just one simple download know that you are helping save lives.”

Regards and thanks for your support!