Lucy was invited to speak at the Mt Albert Historical Society where family and friends showed up to support Lucy. The photo was posted in the November newsletter of

Left: Alice Wylie with guest speaker, Lucy Lawless, at the A.G.M. on August 22nd,
2009. We had a marvellous (and unsurprising!) turnout of sixty M.A.H.S members and even a few members of the
public. Lucy’s attendance was mentioned in the October issue
of Next magazine. Click here to for pdf

Lucy's interview with NEXT magazine (read the article and view the pics on AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Media) had mentioned the visit:

The sword-wielding, butt-kicking actress had taken time out of her shooting schedule to address the Mt Albert Historical Society AGM. Lucy thought about six people would turn up; instead the hall in her Auckland home suburb was full. And when she looked at the sea of old school and family friends, she knew she was in the right place - for good.

"It was the richest homecoming experience," Lucy says.

Her appearance at the Historical Society's AGM was a favour for the former deputy mayoress of Mt Albert

News submitted by MaryD and Barbara Davies