Back in February 1989, Lucy entered the Mrs New Zealand contest and won.

The Vicious Imagery blog has an article from a journalist who interviewed Lucy back in 1989. Lucy had beaten 14 other women for the title of Mrs New Zealand (not Miss New Zealand) which earned her a trip to Las Vegas for the Mrs World 1989 contest.

Another interesting fact is that Lucy's daughter was named Caitlin (I've seen this in several older articles) and not Daisy.

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Update: 17 November 2010

David has updated the blog to include a large photo of Lucy with Daisy (Caitlin) as Mrs New Zealand. The photo was taken by NZ Herald photographer Geoff Dale. Click here to view larger photo


Barbara Bruno sent in the following Tweet from David Bishop, the writer of the Vicious Imagery Blog about the use of Caitlin instead of Daisy:

@Xenawp7707 That's what Lucy was calling her daughter Daisy in 1989 - until I got that completely wrong at the time - entirely possible!!/davidbishop