Minor spoilers - only if you kept your head in the sand and refused to read any Sparty articles or watch any of the interviews. If you did, I admire your strength unlike us mere weak mortals who devoured everything Sparty related but I digress...

Jaime has posted on her twitter page about the music she and Lucy used to get into the swing of things during the "opium scene" (I think pretty much everyone and their grandmother knows about this scene since it's been discussed at length).

The "opium scene" is where Gaia seduces Lucretia and they get hot and bothered (Lucretia can blame the drugs...Gaia is just naughty)


Lucy & I had a song 4 what I'll only describe as the Opium scene. This was it. We played it loud :) Enjoy ? http://blip.fm/~10zuw6